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Have I been Had?:

Patrick Writes Hey Mike, I think it might be too late, but you should think of reworking your deal with Adella. Why??? Because Island Fever 3 is the last title

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I Think I Am Being Stalked:

And no, it isn’t that Goddess chick. I mean what are the chances that I would go to Toronto only to learn that A-Dell would be there the same days?

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Run Hart Run:

I’m running for State Representative in Oregon’s House District 8. Why would I do a BRAIN-DEAD thing like that? Was I teased in High School? Do I need to prove

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On the Tera/Vivid Thing:

I am shocked, AVN came late with this story (way, late) but it appears that they have corroberated the story with Digital Playground. When I called Adella, she didn’t know

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JMT Wries:

You should encourage whoever sent that e-mail about the DP Tonight show to write more often. It’s not everyday that you’re going to have a correspondent who can use words

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Dateline, Grapevine, Texas:

Joe Bob Briggs weighs in: “He’s the hope of the great unwashed. LITERALLY the great unwashed — he usually looks like he just crawled out of a Goodwill Box, and

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Adell goes to the DMV:

I gotta stop talkin about Adell or y’all are gonna accuse me of getting into her panties, but I couldn’t let this one go. She informed me this morning that

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The Nubian Writes:

Well like I said earlier, as a young college boy I guess it was all our dreams to be in the Adult industry but I was serious about it. I

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We Have some Gene Sightings!

In the “They HAVE to be good for something Dept.” Woman shot in chest but saved by silicone implants A Brazilian woman, shot in crossfire between police and drug dealers,

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Adella writes:

hey – can you let that guy know that i wasn’t digging on EA – I never cancelled the show – I was out sick when they contacted me to

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Dancing A-Dells

Out of all the things I have done the dancing Adellas seem to have generated the most emails, it appears y’all love em. A tip of the hat to my

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Tera Show Dark?

I tuned in to watch the Tera Show last night. At first I didn’t notice anything unusual, the screen was solid black but only a little moreso than normal, I

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Tera Wins one and loses one:

Tera won Best Actress at the Venus Awards for her role in Forbidden Pleasures. KSEX drops the Tera show for reasons I have pointed out about a zillion times: FOR

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