We Have some Gene Sightings!

In the “They HAVE to be good for something Dept.”

Woman shot in chest but saved by silicone implants

A Brazilian woman, shot in crossfire between police and drug dealers, was saved by her silicone breast implants.
Doctors said the silicone had slowed the bullet up enough to prevent it from causing her a serious injury.
Jane Selma Soares was caught up in shooting between police officers and drug traffickers in Rio de Janeiro.
She told Las Ultimas Noticias newspaper that even though she tried to hide, a bullet hit her in the chest.
When she got to a nearby hospital doctors realised her implants had stopped the bullet entering her body further.
The doctor who treated her said: “If there was no silicone the bullet could have reached a vital organ causing serious damage.”
A plastic surgeon was called in to fix the damage and took the opportunity to increase the size of Mrs Soares’ breasts with more silicone.
She said: “I’m twice happy, first because my prosthesis saved my life and also because now I look even more beautiful.”

Should I Stay or Should I Croak?

Looks like former Clash guitarist and vocalist Joe Strummer will no longer be “Rocking the Casbah”, as he was found dead in London at the age of 50 today from an apparent heart attack.
Let’s all put on our copy of “London Calling” and bow our heads for a few moments of noise — the founding voice of political punk rock has been sadly silenced.


Ya know I actually liked The Clash hard to imagine that dude as 50 though….The times have indeed a-changed.

Special note to Adella, I am hearing of other, lesser internet scribes who received gifts, mine better show up…

MAD LOVE Indeed!

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We Have some Gene Sightings!

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