Breaking News in the Rock World (Another EXCLUSIVE)

Van Halen has just signed up to do another world tour, with Sammy Hagar, not even Rolling Stone magazine has this one, and they, like me probably dont care either. I mean how lames is Van Hagar….But I got the scoop so there ya have it.

Jaime Writes:

I have to say, I have to change my attitude about Devon of DP, she was actually one of our better signings, she took the time to talk to her fans and staff, did not rush out of here like others and she wanted to make sure that all of the fans were happy. I have to admit I always imagined her to be stuck up, but actually she was cool , we talked about Tampa and how she was going to attend this year.Well anyways I have to get back to selling porn now oops I mean adult instructional material.


Devon has made great efforts lately to fix some things that were going wrong in her life, and everything I am hearing is that she has been successful. I am happy about that, nobody wants to see anyone self destruct and I applaud Devon for gutting it out. I look forward to being on DPTonight with her and Jesse tonight.

Im here in Los Angeles:

Life is good, hanging with my friends, looking forward to covering some shoots, doing my promo shoot for my lvni contract and generally having fun, there will be pics here as well.

That’s Right Y’all I’m gonna be on DPTONIGHT tonight…10 PM EST, 9 Central, 8 Mountian, 7 Pacific

I want you all to tune in, I have some good fun ideas. Heres how Adella Spins, she did forget to announce that I am an LVNI CONTRACT guy!


Contact: Adella O’Neal
[email protected]
(818) 376-8488

February 23rd, 2004
Van Nuys, CA


Digital Playground’s Jesse Jane and Devon will co-host a very fun, sexy and exciting DP Tonight broadcast on Tuesday night at 7 PM. Stephanie Swift, and her lovely friends, Michelle Michaels and Cherry Lane will heat up your screen as she joins Mike South and Digital Playground’s contract superstars on the DP Tonight couch. This gorgeous, exotic adult star will answer all of your questions and shed light on her professional experiences as well as some intimate encounters in her private life. She’s even bringing two of her sexiest friends to top off this fantastic broadcast! Stephanie of StephanieSwift.Com and her gal pals will chat with Jesse, Devon & rocket scientist comedian, Mike South about everything you want to know during Digital Playground’s LIVE broadcast. All DP Tonight guests have a lot to reveal and they are eager to interact with you. Please send your emails for everyone to [email protected] or [email protected] now!

Digital Playground’s February 24th DP Tonight broadcast will blow you away. Catch it all LIVE Tuesday night at 7 PM, Pacific Time. Watch Jesse Jane and Devon expose themselves and everyone in the vicinity. Hot naked chicks, funny side bar comments, inside information and a close up look at the greatest personalities in adult entertainment, that’s what DP Tonight is all about. Tune in and let superstars Jesse Jane and Devon, take you on a guided tour into their world, and beyond.

Watch Digital Playgrounds’ DP Tonight for an intimate look at another side of the adult industry. Plus you’ll get the inside scoop on Stephanie Swift, her friends and Then sit back and let Jesse Jane and Devon take you on a journey, inside the minds, and under the clothes of everyone in the house. Digital Playground will also introduce Mike South, the infamous king of for your viewing pleasure and set the stage for your ultimate interaction. Jesse and Devon will read your emails and answer your questions during this LIVE broadcast!

DP Tonight is a LIVE, interactive show and your input is imperative. Please send your questions and comments for all guests to [email protected] or [email protected].

If you’d like to be a guest on DP Tonight, if you’d like to run a LIVE feed of DP Tonight from your website, or if you’d like to cover DP Tonight LIVE, in the Digital Playground studio, contact [email protected] .

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Breaking News in the Rock World (Another EXCLUSIVE)

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