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Steve On Anna Malle:

It is a shame that the passing of Anna was the top story [on AVN.com] for only a few hours. A well known performer dies and they can’t keep it

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Moe Green Writes:

I hear that your buddies over at Digital Playground are shooting a Pirate themed video. Will there be a scene in it with a knocked up Teagan having sex with

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Devon Dominates the Mailbag:

Bob Writes: Mike: Read your site with interest as always. So, what is the deal with Devon? She’s pretty to look at, but leaves me cold. It’s not just that

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From My Buddy Neal Boortz:

Chief Justice Roy Moore put that monument with the Ten Commandments on state property to, in his own words, acknowledge that the State of Alabama derives its legal code from

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I tell ya …I get no respect:

This site sponsors a trivia question on DPTonight whenever it’s on. Last nights guest co-host was Belladonna ( who is replacing the “crack head shrike”) now, a good move by

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Spinning Wheel, Got to Go Round:

I haven’t spoken with Adella, but I am sure I will at some point today. Though Adella had this to say: “Tera’s done three movies in three years. She doesn’t

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Adella Responds:

From mikesouth.com earlier today: ” Tera and Devon are considered by us to be too good to socialize with other people in porn, except when we need them to help

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When pornstars attack!

I am here at the Nightmoves Show in Tampa and boy has this show been an adventure, and we still have a day to go!!! The highlight of the show

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