Fuck Kid Rock…Happy Birthday To Beater!

Look out Jack, Beater’s Peter is coming to the Playground and he doesn’t play well with others.Happy Birthday To Kid Rock:
Who turns 34 today…wonder if Jesse is gonna give him a birthday BJ….

It’s The Talk of The Escort Boads:
Devon is listed on E2K as an escort, complete with a not so starangely familiar Bio. Her rates 2000/hr for cash 2200 for Credit Card. Digital Playground hasn’t responded as yet.

Now heres my take…personally I don’t have a problem with prostitution. BUT I would have a problem if one of my contract performers were hooking. That isn’t the company image I would want to project through my representatives. So Tim Case..if you start selling your sprem on the net…yer FIRED!

Tim Case responds: All contract performers who escort fly “under the radar”, so to speak. So I will continue to be available to anyone for a sawbuck or a bong hit, I just will not be listed on E2K.

14280cookie-checkFuck Kid Rock…Happy Birthday To Beater!

Fuck Kid Rock…Happy Birthday To Beater!

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