I Was Gonna Skip Mentioning DPTonight Till I got the Following Email:

“Could it be more glaringly obvious that Tabitha Stephens, trying to make a comeback in XXX after a well-deserved retirement, has latched onto Devon like a cat clinging to a piece of plastic in the middle of a raging flood? It amazes me that Digital Playground, which has always seemed to conduct itself with a certain measure of class, has seen fit to hoist this crackhead shrike upon us every other Tuesday. She sits there on that couch, perched like a
hawk next to airhead Devon (whose uppity attitude and sheer rudeness to the public is fast earning her the nickname “Tera Jr.”) and the whole IQ of the
show just begins to plummet clean out of sight. It almost makes me wish we had Ms. Patrick back. ”

I was extremely disappointed in the show last night, though my criticism wouldn’t have been as harsh as yours. What bothers me most about this show, as I have stated before, is that it SHOULD have huge potential, instead it looks more like something Leisure Time would throw together, and I KNOW that DP can do better. Between the fart jokes and Tabitha’s hyped up stream of conciousness chittering and brutal slaps at Jilly Kelly Productions and Dayton Raines, (JKP deserved it BTW I dunno Dayton) JimmyD did manage a few funny comments. This should have been a good show….It wasn’t. I know the peeps at DP are gonna read this and I love em all but I don’t even blow smoke up my own ass and I aint gonna do it to them either, I owe them that. It sucked, period. Talking about Dayton having genital warts on the show was a bit much, as were personal attacks on Jonathon Morgan (Not my favorite person either but just damn)


Pepsi Makes the Fundamentalists Fizzing Mad:

The Bible beaters are pissed at Pespi, why? Because Pepsi has the audacity to print the Pledge of Allegiance on its new patriotic cans. Pepsi chose to go with the Original Pledge of Allegiance which did NOT include the words “Under God” Those words were added in In 1954, ( Can you say Segregationist?) when congress after a campaign by the Knights of Columbus, turned the pledge into both a patriotic oath and a public prayer, much to the irritation of Francis Bellamy’s family who claim that the author of the pledge, even though he was a Baptist Minister had INTENTIONALLY left out references to God.
Now this irritates me, I don’t need a reference to God on my junk food before I will consume it, honestly I don”t care. What does irritate me is that these cocksuckers are spamming the shit out of me trying to get me to join in a boycott against Pepsi….Please…..I bet God would tell em all to drink water and try putting their efforts into staying out of other peoples bidness!

Correction from Pepsi:

We wanted to clarify an erroneous report that has been circulating around cyberspace for the past several months. Pepsi has not created any packaging containing an edited version of America’s Pledge of Allegiance. A patriotic package used last year by Dr Pepper was inappropriately linked to this rumor.

It figures but it also doesn’t make my comments any less valid. I think If we start boycotting the companies that the right wing fundamentalist zealots approve of we might really get the product makers attention.

7540cookie-checkI Was Gonna Skip Mentioning DPTonight Till I got the Following Email:

I Was Gonna Skip Mentioning DPTonight Till I got the Following Email:

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