Jeff Wants To Know If Devon’s Middle Name is Flake:

Hi Mike,


I saw that Devon was scheduled for a local club for tonight thru Saturday:


However when I called I was told that she “just” cancelled for all four nights (again).

Was she on DP Tonight last night?



I didn’t watch DPTonight last night but I would bet she wasn’t….

UPDATE!: She was on Last night setting a new record for consecutive apearances on DP Tonight by Devon, it’s now 2 in a row….Beating her old record of 1 in a row by 1.

Ed Writes:

There are many people today who bemoan the loss of privacy, the loss of civil liberties, and who fear a Big Brother government.

Yet, in tonight’s debate, many of these same people will drool when the candidates mention free (nationalized) education. They will wet themselves when the candidates promise them jobs. They will be down right orgasmic at the promises of free health care.

Yes, the same people who express supposed fear of a large, intrusive government are exactly the same people who will go vote in three weeks for whichever candidate promises to make the government largest and most intrusive of all.

Let the government have your medical records! Your education records! Your employment records! YES! OH GOD YES!!!

What a bunch of bleedin’ hypocrits.

You all aren’t afraid of government, you’re afraid of a lack of government. You are government junkies of the highest order. So quit pretending you’re so afraid of government – you know you want to go to your government funded university so you can get your government created job and go to your government sponsored (and government licensed) doctor.

Y’all need help, and neither Kerry nor Bush is the kind of help you need. Indeed, they are both part of the same problem. But first, you as individuals need to acknolwedge you even have a problem. Only then can the healing begin…

I See the Supreme Court is Going to Take Up The Issue:

Of the Ten commandments being on display in court houses. This is fucking ridiculous, you know what SHOULD be on display in EVERY courthouse? It aint the Ten Commandments it’s the BILL OF RIGHTS! That’s what the courthouse should have on display.

Moe Green Writes:

Moe Greene writes:

“I’m hearing things, Mike…

Dick Tracy, XXX legend in his own mind and star of such fan faves as “Duke Miller’s Lumberjack Gang Bang” (available from at – Title – Duke Miller’s Lumberjack Gang Bang) was caught using a former friend’s name, first to gain access, and then to try and defraud the place for free food and drinks by asking that the bill be put on his former friend’s tab. Dick of course got caught. What a loser.”


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Jeff Wants To Know If Devon’s Middle Name is Flake:

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