Devon Dominates the Mailbag:

Bob Writes:

Mike: Read your site with interest as always.

So, what is the deal with Devon? She’s pretty to look at, but leaves me cold. It’s not just that she doesn’t seem to do the things that we expect even of a star (hey, Ginger, Ashlyn, and Marilyn all did anal, and Jenna never used to dodge a facial). You just don’t get the feeling that she’s really in to what she’s doing.

FF Writes:

Hi Mike,

Great Web page! I see you are the only one so far posting that Devon is leaving DP. I have to admit that she is a favorite, so I went to their site and saw that she just renewed her contract in June, so I was very surprised, but I figure you have the inside track knowing Adella.

Devon was scheduled to perform today and the next 4 days at both Club Risque bars in Phila and Bristol, Pennsylvania. They have been heavily promoting it and
have had other stars there before.

Just today they dropped all mention of her appearance, so I called 215-xxx-xxx and spoke to the manager. She said that Devon cancelled because she has “an
illness”, but she would be rescheduled soon.

I didn’t see DPTonight last night, but was Devon there and could you tell if Devon looked sick?


And Patrick Writes:


First of just want say that I’m a first time writer, long time reader, and your’re by far the best at what you doing (damn that must be a good feeling).

Anyway, I’ve been trying to sort out the recent developments at DP and I can’t quite figure it out. Being a huge fan of Devon, I wonder why was she suddenly let go??? Didn’t she just resign with DP for another year in June…What is going on here..What did Devon do? and if nothing then aren’t contracts in porn binding?

The other thing that bugs me about this is the secrecy of it all. Why doesn’t DP just announce their signings/cuts without all this hoopla. I’m sure you noticed that their official site says nothing about cutting Devon. Why the secrets, I just don’t get it, but is sure pisses me of and other fans like me.

So Mike, you being the best insider in the biz, can you please tell me the no spin truth on this whole situation. ANY response would be greatly appreciated. (if not through the site, then email)
Thank you and I look forward to reading you for years to come.

– Patrick (who’s sad to see the lovely Devon go)

OK here’s what I know on Devon:

As was noted Digital Playground has made no official announcement on Devon, nor do I have any inside info from Adella. I do have inside info from other sources and I stand by my story. Digital Playground said the reason Devon wasn’t on DPTonight Tuesday was because she had a dancing engagement, presumeably the one Bullheaded wrote about since she was suppossed to start there on Wed, obviously she no showed.

Even if she doesn’t cry her way back into DP she will still get plenty of work, she is a pretty and very photogenic girl, so don’t treat this news like she is gone for good. Devon is notorious for no shows and irresponsible behaviour and I suspect DP just got tired of it.

Ray Charles could have seen that DP hasn’t been promoting Devon very hard of late and who would blame them….

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Devon Dominates the Mailbag:

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