I tell ya …I get no respect:

This site sponsors a trivia question on DPTonight whenever it’s on. Last nights guest co-host was Belladonna ( who is replacing the “crack head shrike”) now, a good move by DP. Anyhow Belladonna says “Who is Mike South” to which Devon, bless her heart, seems at a loss for words. Finally she comes up with something like this “He has a ummm, a website, like Luke Ford”

NO mention of my many AVN Award nominations, no mention of my multiple AVN Award wins, no mention of my direction of music videos for nationally recognized bands, my credits that have appeared in mainstream books, magazines, films, and documentaries.

No mention that I started in this biz around the same time she (Devon) learned to rea…no wait strike that….around the same time that George Clinton, whom Devon thought was President up until 2 weeks ago, started belting out “Atomic Dog”…

Just Damn.

7830cookie-checkI tell ya …I get no respect:

I tell ya …I get no respect:

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