Pics from the “Loaded” Premiere Jesse and I and Adell and I….Am I a lucky guy or what!

Pics from the “Loaded” Premiere Jesse and I and Adell and I….Am I a lucky guy or what!

Steve Makes a Stern Point:

I think you may be both missing a point here. While yes Stern does his thing, when he turns to politics, he has the power to help get someone elected. Just ask Pataki and Whitman

Lately, he has been railing against Bush. He has 25 million listeners plus. This incident, the airing and suspension, happened in 2 days. The CEO of Clear Channel got pressured and caved. Then stood before congress and declared he was embarrassed by this language. Seemed to be OK for him the last 10 years. Basically, and this is my opinion, he’s a coward. Even people who don’t like Stern, for the most part, disagree and are nervous of this “Big Brother” reaction.

Add to that, Mike Powel is amazingly morally hypocritical This reeks of election year politics. Thanks Janet.

Not a bad point Steve, I don’t much care for Stern but that isn’t meant to mean I think he should be off the air, I just choose not to listen.

The Premiere for “Loaded” was a blast!:

I didn’t see enough of the movie to review it but heres what thebluepages had to say:

“I have just one word: AWESOME! To say that I was impressed would be a gross understatement on my part.

Can we say production value? Granted, one comes to expect this when DP makes a video, but they’ve certainly pushed the envelope on this one. The cinematography alone is enough to have the competition reconnoiter the manner in which stroke flicks are typically produced. Just a glance is enough to tell you, that the entire budget went into the video and not up anyone’s nose. Already renown for being the defacto standard on interactive adult formats, one wonders where do you go from here?

Yes folks, this flick IS that good. The special effects and original music gets a 10 score for sure, as do the lighting and the creative camera angles. Oh, and did I mention the fact that there’s also a descent story line?

Is Jesse Jane Icon material? You bet! This girl can seriously act. Never have I seen a stroke flick were I was able to suspend my disbelief with respects to the acting. How many times have you seen a model getting the pipe only to see her acknowledge the camera’s presence? Nothing is more annoying then that, and it can easily kill a scene when, right in the he middle of an orgasm, faced contorted every which way, the girl stares directly into the camera lens. I equate that sort of reaction to those who feel compelled to wave at a camera and shout “HI MOM” at typical sporting events. You won’t see that in Jesse.

The sex scenes themselves are pretty hot and I’m willing to go on record to state that I believe Jesse will subplant Jenna in due time as the industries top model. I’ve also seen the future of porn and its here today, they go by the name of Digital Playground. “

I did notice that the production values were light years better than Nic’s last movie I saw, “Rush” I was too busy hangin with Jesse, Larissa and Christina, all 3 are WAY fucking hot. OK one of you guys who took pics of us please send em to me…..Thanks!


11790cookie-checkPics from the “Loaded” Premiere Jesse and I and Adell and I….Am I a lucky guy or what!

Pics from the “Loaded” Premiere Jesse and I and Adell and I….Am I a lucky guy or what!

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