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Clover Arrested Again. At AEE

This time for beating up Morgan lee.  Clover was also charged with possession of Cocaine and is currently being held in Las vegas Lockup In Other news from AEE Finally

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Jesse Jane No Longer Doing Boy/Girl

To make matter even worse over at Digital Playground Jesse Jane is no longer doing boy girl.  Seems the new significant other isn’t comfy with it. It’s quite the bone

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The Next Jenna Jameson

I hear it all the time.  “I want to be the next Jenna Jameson!” Let’s start closer to the beginning though.  They say that luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. 

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Some AVN Winners

I will post these as I get them. No way Im gonna cover every category but I will post a few BellaDonna and Jesse Jane won best girl girl for

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What Will The Year Bring?

Harry Zimm Wishes the following for 2007 I Wish someone would buy Jesse Jane a sandwich, she looks anorexic. I wish Kurt Lockwood would hit it big with his band,

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When Is a DVD NOT A DVD?:

When it won’t play in your DVD player. For all the hype Vivid is going to try and generate with their “downloadable DVD” product..It isn’t really DVD, sure it will

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Paul Fishbein On KSEX:

First; Kudos to Cytheria for getting him on, Paul is pretty reclusive, specially these days. It was pretty tame really, all the blogs and gossip sites were present, mainly me,

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I Think I Am Being Stalked:

And no, it isn’t that Goddess chick. I mean what are the chances that I would go to Toronto only to learn that A-Dell would be there the same days?

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Bob Writes:

Good morning, Mike: I just read your note on Jesse Jane and couldn’t help but feel the same twinge of pain that you expressed. I’m just discovering her stuff —

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Still Slow in Pornville:

KSEX is about to add Mr Cytheria to it’s list of porn jocks, Brian will co-ho Dee and the Fat men With Harry Weiss. He will take Steve Seidmans place,

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Just Damn…..I’m Wrong:

It only happens once a year but I got it wrong. It seems that Video Team and Ayana Angel kissed and made up and now she is Video Team’s contract

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More on Maricopa Joe:

Dear Mike: I don’t know if you realize just how fucked up Maricopa County is. It features a lunatic who bills himself … well, here’s his damn book on Amazon,

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Rob Black Indicted!:

As I stood in AVN’s offices here in Porn Valley waiting to go to lunch, I got the news that The feds had indicted Rob Black and Lizzy Borden on

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