Still Slow in Pornville:

KSEX is about to add Mr Cytheria to it’s list of porn jocks, Brian will co-ho Dee and the Fat men With Harry Weiss. He will take Steve Seidmans place, Steve is currently MIA from the porn scene altogether. This is a bit odd because Brian is very reclusive, doesn’t want anyone to know anything about him, while Steve appears to be wishing nobody knew anything about him lately.

(Thanks to JimmyD and Tim Case) Fuck both of ya….

10. Jessie has no taste.
9. Ed Powers wasn’t available
8. Jessie moonlights for a travel agency and earns commissions selling Mike airline tickets for his flight out here from Atlanta.
7. She’s a natural blonde
6. Jessie first met Mike while he was wearing his “100% Negro” tee-shirt and wants to do a “safe” inter-racial scene.
5. Mike’s read the best-seller, “The Art of Begging,” numerous times.
4. Jessie reads all her books in Braille.
3. She wants to do a bukkake
2. Mike’s easy to dump if the date doesn’t go well (as evidenced by Mike’s recent “date” for the AVN show) (OK That’s COLD)
1. Jessie has no taste.

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Still Slow in Pornville:

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