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Apologies To Taylor Wane:

n the bit below on Mr Baldwin I credited Taylor with having rebuked me over a comment about Heather Veitch. It has come to my attention that Taylor wasn’t even

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Teagan knocked Up Again:

Teagan knocked Up Again: Credit where it’s due, adultfyi broke this one. Adella wasn’t available for comment but I got emails from accurate sources tipping me to it, so I

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From Da Mailbag!

Hands down best one to date! I am still laughing my ass off. Please create an Adella Graphic section on the site. And thanks for reviewing all the Zero Tolerance

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Still Slow in Pornville:

KSEX is about to add Mr Cytheria to it’s list of porn jocks, Brian will co-ho Dee and the Fat men With Harry Weiss. He will take Steve Seidmans place,

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Wank gets Cranked Up:

The post below has Wankus all wound up tight…and on his birthday no less…. Wankus we got a sayin here in the south. Never mud wrestle with a pig, you

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Kevin Moore Writes:

Hi Mike, Thanks for dropping me an email. I’d just rather this story die though. Seriously it was no big deal. It came down to a space issue. There’s no

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I am Finally Getting Caught Up:

New reviews are up and things are getting back to normal around here…whatever that is. I do want to take this opportunity to thank a couple of people who I

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Tera Wins one and loses one:

Tera won Best Actress at the Venus Awards for her role in Forbidden Pleasures. KSEX drops the Tera show for reasons I have pointed out about a zillion times: FOR

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