Totally Tera Debuted Tonight on KSEX Radio:

I regret that I am on dialup down here in Florida and really couldnt call in,which is just as well cuz I don’t thin either of them much likes me, I am sure that the audience was big by internet radio standardsand I am sure it’s cuz they all wanted to see the spectacle…kinda like the new monky at the primate house in the zoo. I could havre asked her about Tom Byron, Randy Spears and a half dozen other guys she had as boyfriends while in the biz, I am sure that would have tweaked Evan up to the point of combustion. I am sure I could have added some drama to that little freak show and as much fun as I have being a part of the show it’s prolly just as well that I am down here fishing….Something I prefer anyhow.

And I am not the only one who didn’t show, the main guest was Sean Michaels and he decided he had better things to do as well. He didn’t even call and cancel either….well now Tera has an inkling of how it feels I suppose.

While we are on the subject of Tera there is wide speculation that LFP is interested in her in a contractual capacity. This is because she was seen leaving the LFP building a few weeks ago. Hell I left Tyndall Airforce Base Today….I don’t think that makes me an airforce pilot (They train pilots at Tyndall). I also left Emory Eye Clinic last week ( I took my mother there) but I don’t think anyone is saying I am a Retinologist or whatever you call a retina specialist.

Truth is I don’t see it for Tera. LFP doesn’t strike me as the type of company that would be interested in a primadonna type with a very volatile boyfriend. Not to mention Tera’s parameters aren’t exactly wide, as we in the biz say. I doubt Evan would hold still for her working with other guys and I don’t see LFP interested in her for her thespian abilities.

There are way prettier girls in porn than Tera anyhow…Devon comes to mind, so does Jesse Jane and Stormy Waters, not to mention a good 20 others. And the one thing Tera had (nice tits) are now big and fake. Someone needs to clue her that real is “in”

OK I’m out for now….more after I catcha few fish.

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Totally Tera Debuted Tonight on KSEX Radio:

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