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Holly Ruprecht

Hustler Holly Joins Team Playboy

Several years ago Holly Ruprecht joined the Hustler team and took their fledgling affiliate program to the next level. Today however it was announced that she has gotten a new

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The State of the “Union”?

First off, I want to say real quickly….the December 2009 issue of HUSTLER is out….check out page 71 and you will see me.  YEAH!  Thanks to Mike for taking such

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Heres Hoping:

You all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Digital Playground Scores: When I think they do something wrong, I let em know ditto when they do something right. They got a nice

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Congrats To Morgan Hagen:

Who has been named Managing Editor of Hustler Magazine. I have dealt with Morgan in the past and he is one of the good guys. Way to go man, you

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I Want to be Clive McLean:

What happens when an Ivy-league grad whose modest success in making films forces him to consider work in the porno trade to pay the bills? You’d expect him to make

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BT Writes:

If what you just described is true — and I have no doubts that it is — then it’s the proverbial cutting off your nose to spite your face, eh?

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Hustler has announced that the rap group “Mystikal” will be in their booth at Adult Expo, Metro has Digital Undergrounds’ Clee ( Who only recently discovered that eating pussy is

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