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You all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Digital Playground Scores:

When I think they do something wrong, I let em know ditto when they do something right.

They got a nice write up in the current issue of “Newsweek” about “Pirates” Theres an interview with the producer/director and HWMIC Jewn and even though the article keeps the porn aspect at arms length it IS industry positive and Newsweek is certainly mainstream PR that has value to the industry as a whole.

This time, they should be proud.

Hustler Tries Again:

They are releasing the beaver hunt thing on video for at least the third time but they are pimpin it like it’s some novel new idea. The first two or three times it failed and it appears destined for failure again because they aren’t being true to the concept.

They are hyping that its amateurs with porn guys, well we all know what that means…it means the “amateurs” are from porn valley and will be seen all over the place. Hardly amateur huh?

Thats exactly the same problem Hustler had with the first two iterations.

If y’all want REAL amateur girls (and guys) from someone who knows how to shoot the genre hit me up.


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