Why Do I ALWAYS Have to be Right?: (From AVN.com)

PHILADELPHIA – Under pressure including a freshly filed federal lawsuit, Pennsylvania Attorney General Mike Fisher will stop forcing Internet service providers to block Websites in the interest of stopping child porn sites. He’ll stop, that is, until a federal judge decides whether the tactic – which imposes filtering programs critics say indiscriminately blocked non-child porn and non-adult sites – violates the First Amendment.

It goes on to say:

The ACLU has insisted Fisher’s orders violate what Pennsylvania’s state legislature suggested, since it blocks legitimate Websites without owners’ knowledge and denies them a chance to challenge the orders in court.

Now just imagine if all adult sites had a .xxx top level domain, then the ACLU wouldn’t care because it isn’t “blocking legitimate websites”

Ok Piconelli, you want to tell me one more fucking time how a state can’t legally do that to .xxx domains?

I Just CANT Help It…

Adella Writes:

I hate missing you. and when I don’t miss you, I miss hating you.

Now theres a country music lyric if I EVER heard one. BTW A-Dell Goddess concurs.

Wicked Not Sold To LFP:

This rumor has been running rampant for months but after yesterday I decided it was exactly that, just rumor. You see a lesser site posted that Orenstein had been offered 25 million dollars for Wicked but that he was holding out for 30 million.

Now here is what tipped me off. Thats an outrageous amount of money, there is no way in hell LFP would pay 25M for Wicked. No offense to Steve Orenstein but for 25 million I bet he’d a sold and laughed all the way to the bank. Only a moron would have bought into that story and apparently one did.

Its a Boy, No Wait, It’s a Girl….:

There is wide spread speculation that one of porns newest chicks may not have always been a chick.

A-Dell A responds:

Adell-A: (for those of you who have been misled… my name is actually ADELLA) Okay Mike, then show some Georgia class and publish this… I bet Devon: Stripped sold a hell of a lot more than Trailer Park Peaches and the entire Buffalo Bukkake series combined.

Hmmm I do detect another couple of money making websites here…if yer in Buffalo and can arrange and shoot Bukkakes…email me

Now all I gotta do is find a Trailer Park, I will watch the weather channel and follow the next tornado.



Adell Gets a Rejection:

“Would you PLEASE take the Nic stuff down, my life has enough turmoil in it right now. Mad Love, Adella”

WHAT? And lose my best ever update? My funniest bit? Would you ask Rodney Dangerfield to stop Getting “No Respect?” Lemme think about it for a month, then I will bury it in the archives right next to some dancing turkeys ( That I suspect are gonna do a return gig long about Thanksgiving.)


9530cookie-checkWhy Do I ALWAYS Have to be Right?: (From AVN.com)

Why Do I ALWAYS Have to be Right?: (From AVN.com)

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