The State of the “Union”?

First off, I want to say real quickly….the December 2009 issue of HUSTLER is out….check out page 71 and you will see me.  YEAH!  Thanks to Mike for taking such wonderful pics!  I hope to get that full-spread soon…hint, hint Mike.

Okay…now for the “meat” of my post.  What in the HELL is going on in this country?  I know Mike is not that fond of political posts but I feel like so much of what I’m about to say is very germane to our business as well because it illustrates the slippery-slope we are heading down as a nation.  Let’s see…where should I begin?  How about Roman Polanski?  This midget piece of Euro-trash drugged a 13 year-old girl, plied her inhibitions even more with alcohol and then RAPED her.  Then, after admitting to it under oath, he jumped bail and fled to Europe where he has lived, quite comfortably and in oppulent style, for THIRTY-TWO years.  Throughout this period of being a fugitive from justice, Polanski has continued to make untold millions producing and directing movies, as well as being HONORED for “lifetime achievement” by some brain-dead organizations.  We are all familiar with the story.  And now that he is FINALLY being called to account for his actions, what comes out of the mouths of such Hollywood luminaries as Whoopi Goldberg, Ted Danson and other blatantly hypocritical leftists?  “Well…you know….he did it but it was so long ago and we should cut him some slack…he’s suffered enough with Sharon Tate and their unborn baby being murdered and all…..BLAH BLAH BLAH!  Where is the public outcry to the THEFT of this girl’s innocence?  Where is Gloria Steinham and NOW, now that we REALLY need them?  I wonder if this poor girl got into porn after being subjected to a drunken and drugged “roll-in-the-hay” with one of the Seven Dwarfs?  On top of that, it is a well-known fact that her own MOTHER was aware of Polanski’s designs on the then, pre-pubescent model LONG before the rape even occurred.  And the mother accepted and encouraged it.  She was more concerned with furthering her daughter’s modeling career than with protecting her virtue.  I wonder what she is doing right now?  But I am sure the same Hollywood elitist types that are calling to give Polanski a mulligan are also the ones that march with the women’s groups outside Exxxotica and the AVN’s because porn is so “degrading” to women.  I think that girl’s mother and Whoopi are degrading to women. 

And speaking of Hollyweird whack-jobs, I guess now public policy is going to be set and influenced by Will Farrell, Kanye West, Tina Faye, Michael Moore, et al.  That’s right, did you see the YouTube video of the aforementioned “actors” talking about health insurance companies and the pay of their CEO’s?  If you didn’t, I’ll give you the thumbnail.  The mega-rich of Hollywood want to tell YOU that YOU should be more “patriotic” by surrendering more of YOUR money to pay for THEIR “feel-good” causes.  The people from Hollywood believe that it is morally outrageous that a CEO of CIGNA makes $500,000 per year.  But I suppose Will Farrell REALLY thinks that he is $20 MILLION per picture worth of funny.  Not in my book.  And they also took stabs at bank CEO’s as well.  I guess they forget who funds and underwrites the same shitty movies they get paid “perfectly reasonable” sums to appear in.  What a joke.  I would DEFINATELY do an all-anal gangbang for $20 million.  It’s all started with Meryl Streep and those godamn apples.  Just shut the hell up, make your movies, adopt a bunch of African babies and then go into rehab.  THAT’s what you are good at.  Leave the thinking to people that actually HAVE brains.  I love the “do as I say, not as I do” mentality that now pervades all of our society.  But I forgot, Bill Maher has degree in economics from the Wharton School.  He must be hiding it in that nose of his. 

I want to preface this part by saying that I WAS NOT a fan of George W. Bush.  However, when the Patriot Act was proposed and subsequently passed, everyone was wringing their hands that “this marks the death knoll too our freedoms and liberties” and “government will wiretap our phone calls and emails and be in our bedrooms next for no good reason…”  Well, ironically enough, now that the White House is using the internet and the White House OFFICIAL website to actively solicit information on people that do NOT agree with them on health care reform or the war or whatever the subject du-jour is, I have not heard one peep out of the usual suspects.  Why is that?  Facebook has a third-party poll post asking the question “Should Obama be killed” and the Secret Service goes into overdrive peering into EVERY single person’s life who may have made the unfortunate mistake of voting?  I thought we had “freedom of speech” in this country?  Or is it only worth protecting and worrying about when a EVIL Republican is in power.  And furthermore, now that Obama has the job, and is discovering it’s harder than it looked from the outside looking in, he is NOT changing the U.S. policy on the war, on rendition, on indefinate custody of terror suspects, etc. BUT he has gotten a pass.  Well, if he is continuing the Bush policies “he must know what he is doing”.  Oh, and Guantanomo won’t be closed by his deadline either…hmmmm.  And guess what, all you porn lovers out there…Obama’s Justice Department is going to be no different than Bush’s when it comes to porn.  Mark my words.  But if you enter this country illegally, you should get free health care.  Makes perfect sense to me.  Looking to buy votes much?

And speaking of buying votes, where is the outcry over ACORN.  I know that the left-wing media like MSNBC and their stable of washed-up ESPN hacks like Keith Bloberman and David Gregory (little known fact about David Gregory, he was passed up for the role of Cornelius in “Planet of the Apes” in favor of Roddy McDowell because the producers felt like Gregory looked TOO MUCH like an ape WITHOUT makeup) continue to propogate the myth that the allegations against ACORN are “lies”, DESPITE the video blatantly disputing that fact.  Folks, whether you liked “W” or not, whether you thought we needed a “change” or not, the FACT is that voter fraud took place.  The entire Dallas Cowboys starting lineup all happened to be in one little hick-town in Texas, at the EXACT same time, and then they all decided to vote at a local high school.  That is what you have to swallow if you want to believe the bloviations of the media and their seemingly endless love-fest with Obama.  If a tax-payer funded organization like ACORN can pull the wool over everyones eyes like that, how long do you think it will take for them to mobilize their minions, along with and others, to attack your right to watch and purchase pornography?  And btw, is it just me or does Rachel Maddow look like she has an Adams apple?  She’s a man baby!

I could go on for pages about the sad state of affairs.  But I know Mike doesn’t want me to monopolize the site.  Suffice to say that Larry Flynt will be coming out with a new flick soon.  That’s right, on the heels of their success with “Nailin’ Palin” Hustler has a new XXX bang-fest in the works.  The cast will include Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Charles Rangel, Rob “Blago” Blagoevich and Michael Moore, as well as cameos by George Clooney and Rosie O’Donnell and the the working title is “Fucking,  American-Style”.  There’s a porn flick I would PAY to bury.

P.S.  I’m NOT a Republican OR a Democrat, I believe you should get what you work for and, more importantly, KEEP what you work for in this country.  But that is beginning to become a foreign concept in this age of political correctness run amok.

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The State of the “Union”?

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  1. I thought David Gregory was left out of the original “Planet of the Apes” movie because he hadn’t been BORN yet.

    Live and learn.

  2. Sharon Tate’s sister Debra actually said Roman’s sex with the thirteen year old CHILD was ‘consensual’. As if someone that young would fully understand all the implications of having sex with a 44 year old man. She also said he’s “brilliant” as if his level of creativity somehow makes the crime acceptable. Debra is an idiot.

  3. extreme right wing pornographers its like jewish nazis. lol Anyone that defends the raping of the people by the insurance industry has drank the fox koolaid too hard.

  4. Im totally with Tony on this one The problem is more than just the insurance companies, Its our entire system. From tort reform, to insurance companies, to government regulations ( why can’t I, a resident of Georgia buy a policy offered to residents of Alabama or New York for instance)

    The real problem is that the people no longer have representation, we dont have any lobbyists, nobody is protecting our interests and our rights. The so called patriot act is an abomination and in a just country Little Boots would have been tried for treason and possibly executed for signing it into law. I can think of nothing that is more of an affront to our constitution.

    Except maybe RICO laws

    The only thing that is going to save this country from some real civil unrest and possibly civil war is Libertarianism, but I cant be optimistic about that.

    Being in another part of the world has illustrated to me how abysmal our news really is, be it Fox, CNN, or the big 3.

    If you want to see real objective reporting and what at least one news station should look like you have to go to Aljazeera for Goads sake…how fucking sad is THAT?

    Dont believe me? watch it

    going from therre to FOX (my other choice here) Is like going from a University class to a sandbox name calling contest

    I dont want a news channel to be utraged about anything, I want them to simply report the mother fucking news and I will decide what outrages me. I dont need some ass kissing moron piece of shit like Sean Hannity to tell me what I think.

    damn shame

    Oh and Polanski deserves what he hopefully will get, he didnt just rape that girl he ANALLY raped her.

  5. it’s all bullsh*t lindsey. all of it. none of these tidbits will matter in 3 months so i’m not sure it should matter today. brilliant men designed this country so even idiots could run it. the great thing about our system is that if the current crop(crap) of politicians don’t make positive changes then we simply vote them out next time. simple as that. we ought to step back from the bullsh*t that’s reported once and a while and remember to have faith in our founder’s vision.

    “It must have been about seven weeks after 9/11, I was coming out of my apartment, and on my stoop is a homeless man. And, uh. This guy lived in the neighborhood, I hadn’t seem him in a while. He was sitting on my stoop. And he was jerking off. On my stoop. And I walk out, and he turns, and he sees me…and he just goes back to jerking off on my stoop! And it was at that moment that I thought…we’re gonna be okay.” -j.s.

  6. Mike has hit the nail on the head. The people no longer have any representation. True we get to vote but once they are in Washington we no longer matter to them.

    Revolution may be the only way to change it. But I would doubt that would ever happen. Too many in the country are sheep. They would rather have a mommy government telling them what to do as opposed to living (and being responsible for) their own lives.

  7. Been a fan for a while Lindsay….but now I can officially say that I love you…

    …in a totally non-stalker un-creepy kinda way of course…

  8. Lindsey says she’s not a Democrat or a Republican but all her statements sound like they came straight from Fox News.

    Does she really have a problem with citizens criticizing insurance companies who drop coverage from people unjustly?

    And is Lindsey defending insurance companies who profit at the expense of ordinary Americans?

    And actors make their money based on public interest if the public didn’t go to their movies they wouldn’t make any money. Furthermore they don’t have the ability to affect people’s health the way insurance companies do. So one group is obviously worth being more concerned about than the other.

    And as for the facebook poll on Obama, there’s been, according to statistics, a 400% increase in threats against him compared to his predecessor so of course their going to investigate any and all threats against him.

    They do that for any president, but they have to be particularly vigilant for this president.

    And Freedom of speech does not extend to making threats.

    It never has.

    And about illegal immigrants, in the current health care legislation under consideration they aren’t allowed to receive health insurance, that was true before Joe Wilson’s rude and unprecedented outburst and it’s true afterwards.

    So that’s not an issue.

    Furthermore, Lindsey as for your worrying about the government coming after the industry, that’s not likely to be a great concern for many reasons, for one they have bigger issues to deal with like the economy and health care, and also because the Deputy Attorney General is David Ogden who has previously represented PB and PH.

    And generally speaking Democratic administrations tend to be less aggressive in going after the industry.

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