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Some observations from the “Sunshine State” …part DEUX…Miami Exxxotica

It is late May and I have been a “Floridian” now…officially…for six months. For those of you that didn’t read the first entry of my extemporaneous observations on Florida-living, go back and read “Some observations from the ‘Sunshine State’ ” from awhile back. I just got home from Exxxotica Miami, it was my second year there and it was a blast. The show opened on Friday May 14th…and just like last year..as I walked from the parking lot to the front of the Miami Convention Center (incidentally…for you fans of pugilistic endeavors [ bet you didn’t know a porn chick knew words like “pugilistic”] the convention center was where the great Muhammad Ali defeated Sonny Liston in 1964 for the “Heavyweight Championship of the World…WORld..WOrld..worl….”), I was met by Ron Jeremy, and he remembered me from last year.

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Today’s Lesson: Don’t judge a SLUT by her cover

I have to tell you about my weekend. But to properly tell you the story I need to go back in time a few months to the first night I walked into 2001 Odyssey in Tampa, Florida. For those of you that live in Tampa, or have ever visited Tampa, you know the place. If you have never been to Tampa, what’s keeping you? Anyway, so I went into the club one Saturday night after I moved here. To make a really long story MUCH shorter (trust me, you’ll thank me) I will fast-forward a bit. I met Delilah Strong, porn mega-star and multiple AVN award-winner my first day. You know Delilah, Mike knows her. She is a veteran of over 500 movies and has many box covers to her credit. She is one luscious piece of Sicilian-Puerto-Rican ass. Delilah is a member of the “Kennedy Family” of the porn world. Her mother was Deborah Coxx who performed in the 80’s, her sister is Samantha Strong (and yes they have appeared together before) and her cousin is Courtney Cummz. That is a regular familial porn dynasty! She has won “Best Three-way Sex Scene” and the coveted “Dirtiest Girl in Porn” at the AVNs.

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What does Ellen add to American Idol?

I am an American Idol fan….I know that it has become cliched lately..becoming more about the “behind-the-scenes” sob-stories as each season, more and more of the world’s supposed “every-day Joe’s” leave behind their mundane world’s of being a waitress at the Waffle House in Huntsville or cleaning Porto-Jons in Peoria, to chase their lifelong dream of becoming the next Beyonce’. Consequently, with every audition in each different city all over America, there are new stories of sadness, overcoming adversity, surviving horrible tragedies or illness, or being paroled just in time to make the audition. It seems each person is trying to out-do the other with whose story is the most gut-wrenching, the most awe-inspiring, in other words, whose story is most commercially viable?

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Charity Begins at Home….

I am getting ready to go on “Bubba the Love Sponge Show” this morning….if you are in the Tampa Bay area or want to listen tune into http://streaming.theboneonline.com/  and tune

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Some observations from the “Sunshine State”

I am sitting at the computer and have been fairly scatter-brained since getting here…obviously the major-league “up-rooting” that I just completed in a severely compressed time frame would probably take

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The State of the “Union”?

First off, I want to say real quickly….the December 2009 issue of HUSTLER is out….check out page 71 and you will see me.  YEAH!  Thanks to Mike for taking such

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Politicians VS. Porn girls

The thought occurred to me the other day, as I was watching the news, that there are some stark differences between politicians on the Hill and girls that like to have

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The Sex-Toy Conspiracy

Well I suppose I could talk about what an exciting addition Julie Meadows is to the site…kudos to Mike for pulling off that coup d’etat.  The “Pimps and Hos” story

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Memorial Day’s Meaning

I know that today is a day where most people will be out in their backyards or at campgrounds or at lakes and rivers on their boats, partaking of adult beverages as

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Back From Miami Exxxotica

Drove back yesterday….It’s a long drive, but boy do I have some stories that will be coming.  But before I get into all of that I want to give a

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Lindsey Lovehands As Promised

This are some of the tamer photos we shot Wed night. Aside from resizing them and making very small adjustments to the exposure they are unretouched. I don’t like to

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This really pisses me off !!

I was watching FOX News the other day and they had a story on about some former Playboy model  and employee who went to law school and then later sued

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