This really pisses me off !!

I was watching FOX News the other day and they had a story on about some former Playboy model  and employee who went to law school and then later sued them for sexual harrassment because her job was supposedly threatened by a superior who, she claims, made advances towards her.  This story was highlighted on a segment called “Kelly’s Court” which is named after the blond, comely co-anchor of the “Morning Show” Megan Kelly.  She is a trained attorney, turned cable news “super babe” who had nothing but bad things to say about this woman.  Kelly had a real attitude about this woman and her case and basically came right out and said that the former Playboy model/employee had no case by virtue of the fact that she had posed nude before and worked for the magazine.  Kelly said this all with a straight face and the whole time I’m thinking…you dumb bitch…just because you are on FOX News you think you are better than her?  Do you really think FOX News hired you for your … big, blond BRAINS?  WTF?  If YOUR life had gone slightly to the left or the right of the path YOU planned you might have been right there with her with a staple on your stomach too…or maybe you would have had your own “Best Of” compilation tape on “Girls Gone Wild”…whose to say?  As if, Megan Kelly, you’ve never done anything that your bosses at FOX News wouldn’t have approved of?  I’m so sure you NEVER licked a little bearded-clam while on a drunken binge in college, never got passed around by some studly frat boys? WHATEVER!!!  I bet you have seen more cock than the Poultry Association of America !!

The double standard is pathetic…women like me that LOVE sex are looked down upon by the so-called “good girls” who are busy with their PTA meetings, taking the rugrats to soccer practice and making the “mystery meat surprise” recipe off the Lipton Soup box for dinner, all the while they are planning “Desperate Housewives” styled romantic evenings for their husbands with bubble bath, chocolates and the latest DVD from the porn store up the street.  The same porn store, BTW, that they protested and picketed against standing with their neighbors from the cul-de-sac.   I HATE hypocrites DAMMITT!!

Megan, you would probably do well to come out to one of Mike South’s bukkake parties and suck a couple of dozen cocks with me…you would enjoy it and your skin and hair could definately benefit from the protein.

Much love all….talk to you soon….xoxoxoxoxo Lindsey

26360cookie-checkThis really pisses me off !!

This really pisses me off !!

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, as long as the women of porn allow themselves to be called ‘whores’ and ‘sluts’ and see it as a GOOD thing–I’ve seen interviews in which they refer to themselves as ‘sluts’–this sort of double standard will continue to exist. Why some women think ‘slut’ is interchangeable with ‘sexy’ is beyond me.

  2. Way to go Lindsey. What is wrong with being a slut or whore or anything else. The real issue is if the person or persons involved all consent and enjoy themselves who is anyone else to pass judgement. Let me know the next time you want to indulge in one of your favorite pasttimes.

    Keep posting Lindsey

  3. Could I just go on record as being the first to request a spot at the Lindsey/Megan Bukkake party!?!

  4. megan’s a hot blonde on fox. watched her school bill-o-reilly once (can’t remember the topic) but most other times she’s really just a tight ass. this is a nice rant. i didn’t realize it’s a new blogger. i don’t know about the last name though. it’s hard to take you seriously. on one hand it’s kinda unique until you figure out it rhymes with *lohan*. you’re sooooooooooo much better looking than her!

  5. Backspace…thank you baby…you are SOOOOOOOOOOO SWEET…I like my name though…besides I figured if i was going to be chased down in malls for autographs then I might as well capitalize on it..right?

    xoxoxo Lindsey

  6. I hate to be the one to break it to ya, but just because the chicks you date are young, that doesn’t make you young. GREAT try, though.

    And of course YOU’RE a proud slut. It’s a compliment for the guys, and a put down for the women….like so many things in this world.

  7. Wonderful Lindsey and right on. It’s obvious that if you do one thing like posing nude, it doesn’t mean you “deserve” to be put in compromising positions where your job will be at stake.

    If you are asked out on a date that’s fine unless it’s by a supervisor, then it’s not okay.

    You must understand that anyone a Faux news has never undergone sensitivity training or ever showed sensitivity (or brains). I mean, Mr. Loofah, er… O’Reilly, has already had his own sex suits for threatening behavior to women, so I don’t really expect anyone who works near him, even women to understand about this. They probably just lay down and give it up when their jobs are threatened anyway and think this is good. Idiots.

    By the way, your bukkake was fun to watch on the photos. I wish your face was more completely covered. Maybe if you do it again for Mike the guys can goo you up a little more fully so you have to look out through a haze of white. There’s something sooo very sexy about a beautiful woman like you getting your eyes gooed over completely.

    Ah well. I guess I can’t have everything. Hope you show a little more of yourself below the waist next time too. That’s up to you though and I’ll gladly take any content that produced with you in it.

    Hope I didn’t offend you none with my frankness.


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