Charity Begins at Home….

I am getting ready to go on “Bubba the Love Sponge Show” this morning….if you are in the Tampa Bay area or want to listen tune into  and tune into “Listen Live”.  So anyway, I was doing my makeup, flawless as always…lol…and I heard about the dust-up that Bubba caused last week with his controversial comments about the disaster in Haiti.  Apparently he has taken quite a bit of heat publically about these statements.  But as I listened to what he was saying I realized that he was right in a way.  Amidst all the celebrity-laden TV specials, fundraisers and telethons people are forgetting the simple premise that I was taught as a young girl:  Charity begins at HOME people!  Namely…there are countless worthy causes right here in the GOOD -‘OLE USA that are AT LEAST as equally deserving of our care, compassion and most importantly, money.  I know this may be a politically-incorrect and unpopular statement to make, but I can’t help the way I feel.  While I was listening to Bubba’s show this morning I heard a story about a homeless shelter in Atlanta just received a foreclosure notice on its shelter.  A FORECLOSURE NOTICE…. WTF?  And guess who holds the note?  A non-profit organization, whose job it is, ostensibly, to SERVE the needs of those less fortunate than us…just like those in Haiti.  But what is this U.S.-based “charity” doing…foreclosing on a $500,000 note.  The inevitable result will be, of course, the 400 or so people that the shelter serves will now be on the street….again…only now without ANY help whatsoever.  That seems fair to me…how about you? 

But according to Wyclef Jon, ‘Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Moss Deff, et al. there is no more worthy a cause than supporting Haiti.  Now, again, I don’t want or need the ugly emails from any politically correct people.  I AM NOT saying we shouldn’t help the poor and displaced innocents of Haiti.  But there are SO many other worthy causes out there in our own backyard for crying out loud!  There are HUNDREDS of thousands of orphans right here in America that spend their entire lives in the foster-care system…but Branjolina wants to adopt kids from the country that is buying up all our debt…why is that exactly?  If they TRULY wanted to help, and give a real life to a child…wouldn’t it be better to give that gift of love to a child that is here in the U.S.?  Before we spend (and print) more money we obviously don’t have…let’s put our own house in order.  There are millions of worthy souls here, they me be your next-door neighbor, your child’s teacher, a co-worker or a friend.  I think that everyone, in the words of President Obama, should do something to serve your community.  Work a few hours in a local soup-kitchen, become a big-brother or big-sister.  Collect food at the holidays…whatever you would like to do…just do something.  It’s just a thought…and before any of you say “Lindsey are you putting your money where your mouth is?  The answer is YES…I’m doing Toys for Ta-Tas. 

31590cookie-checkCharity Begins at Home….

Charity Begins at Home….

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  1. I agree with you lindsey. I think one of the reasons stars adopt children overseas. They dont have to worry parents coming out of the woodwork looking for money.

  2. I agree! That’s what I’ve been saying since the earthquake hit Haiti and all you see EVERYWHERE is a bucket at every retail/hospitality establishment, or an ad for ‘relief funds’ going to the victims. And the response I got was, “how can you not have compassion for one of the poorest countries in the world? Are you a monster? Do you have a heart?” The US is headed in the direction of poorest country. There are still people living in FEMA trailers, families of 4+ living in a space smaller than my studio apartment, in New Orleans. If we can’t help ourselves, how can we help others?

  3. Mike…I’m getting there slowly but surely…wait till I tell you about what a TOOL Pauly Shore was to me on Bubba’s show…can you call me when you get a chance..I called you yesterday…kisses…xoxox Lindsey

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