Welcome to the United Nanny Socialist States of America (UNSSA)

Amidst the controversy surrounding New York Governor Patterson’s rather un-ceremonious and, more importantly, unexpected, announcement, that he is not going to complete his term as governor, I have become aware of another interesting, yet unrelated, development.  Recently, in yet another all-to-commonplace occurrence, Big Brother has decided that HE knows better than you do when it comes to what your children should be able to eat as snacks when they are at school.  Did Governor Patterson unfairly “peddle influence” when he allegedly got involved in a staff member’s child-custody battle? I don’t know…you probably don’t know…only the governor himself really knows.  But what I DO know is that in an unprecedented display of utter-corruptness; in yet another blatantly obvious example of where the almighty dollar reigns supreme over common-sense, your local school boards are soon to come to your town and tell you that Mom can’t bake little Johnny a brownie as a snack in his lunch pail…..but Frito Lay can. 

Yes…it’s true….Uncle Sam is going to figure out how to “re-invent” the healthcare system and do it CHEAPER than it currently is.  Because we all know how well Medicare is currently run.  Yes…it’s true…Uncle Sam is going to “protect” you in the airports with out-dated legislation, archaic technology, and woe-fully under-educated personnel.  Yes…Uncle Sam is going to somehow…in a feat that Copernicus, Socrates, Keynes and David Copperfield would envy… going to do MORE, with LESS, and tell us all with a straight face, that it will really work.  As if the annointed-one, Barack Hussein Obama, is somehow able to bend the arc of time, suspend the laws of physics, and rebuff the moderately annoying, yet easily- refuted fact that two plus two equals four…ALL is possible when we BELIEVE!  But you know what …Susie Home-Maker?  I know that you have the award-winning brownie recipe that every other housewife on the block wishes they had.  I realize that you…a parent who has given birth to a child, sacrificed for that child, given a piece of you heart, mind and soul…for that child….has an admitted vested interest, one would assume, in the welfare of your child.  But in another example of the “Nanny State’s” insidious infiltration of America’s mind…the city of New York’s school system has decided that  parents can no longer send their precious future-member of the Democratic party to school with home-made “sweet treats” because they are “bad” for the child’s health.  That’s correct…mommy is no longer considered to be the child’s supreme care-giver, the arbiter of what is best for their child…but instead, the public school system is going to tell you that you are killing your child with grandma’s “super-secret, handed down over three generations, kept in a fire-proof safe with a ‘just-in-case’ back-up copy safely ensconced in a safe-deposit box” oatmeal cookie recipe.  Those delicious, yet insidiously un-healthy snacks, will kill your child as surely as if you let them play in traffic.  But the vending machines at their school, which peddle their carbohydrate-laden crack daily, are O.K. as far as Uncle Sam is concerned.

The City of New York’s school district is responsible for serving the largest group of students IN THE WORLD…that’s right….in the ENTIRE WORLD!  Sit back for a second and digest that fact.  I’m a porn star…not a journalist…so my google research while preparing this article was limited.  I do know that New York City’s school district is the LARGEST school district in the WORLD… did I say more kids are in the New York City school district than i…well you get the picture.  Diabetes, morbid obesity rates, rotten teeth be damned…there are lucrative contracts to be fulfilled.  There are a lot of Doritos and Ding Dongs to be sold dammit!  Now…I know I mentioned President Obama and the Dems specifically….(but jeez they are such EASY targets nowadays), but seriously, there is enough blame, hypocrisy, stupidity, and greed to go around on both sides of the aisle.  We can’t buy certain types of over-the-counter cold medicines, nail polish, spray paint, and innumerable other products because the federal government, with its plethora of appropriately-acronymed “consumer-protection” agencies,  have deemed these products “not in the public’s best- interest”.  But WHO is really deciding WHAT is truly in the public’s best-interest?  Judging from this decision in New York, certainly not the appropriately educated professionals.  How else can you argue in defense of a mandate which states that Mom can’t make me cookies, with all the love and careful preparation that goes along with them, but I can spend 99 cents on Cool Ranch Doritos…because they are “safe” for me…it must be because of that FDA label on the back….Mom’s cookies don’t have that. 

Why has the government in California and elsewhere, not gotten more involved more forcibly, in the porn business?  Why has OSHA in the state of California allowed the testing issue in Porn Valley to get so totally out of control?  I don’t think I will receive many credible arguments refuting that California is the “definition” of the Nanny State…indeed it is the case study.  California has more non-producers on the rolls receiving more benefits than any other state or COUNTRY in the world…obviously not including the U.S.A. as a whole.  I also, do not think that this is an issue that should be appropriated by OSHA…but in the face of inaction…you know what inevitably happens.  My question is …when is enough…enough?  When are people, industries, in point-of-fact, nations as a whole, going to take responsibility for their own actions?  And when are Americans going to stand up and say: “…hell no…I don’t need anyone to tell me what my child needs to eat, read, watch, or hear”?  When are we going to question the obvious commercial hypocrisy that allows a mandated ban on one product, while contractually and statutorily, IMPOSING use of another.  When are we going to rise up in anger when told for the millionth time that we are too stupid…too uneducated…too emotional…to know what is best for our own well-being and the well-being of our family?  Why should government be dictating what the CEO of a company, regardless of industry, should be ALLOWED to make in salary?  I will tell you this…when President Obama says that there will be a federally-mandated “price cap” of $xxxx amount of dollars for shooting a bukkake….that’s when I am going to go “postal”.

31920cookie-checkWelcome to the United Nanny Socialist States of America (UNSSA)

Welcome to the United Nanny Socialist States of America (UNSSA)

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  1. i’ll keep an eye out for bukkake legislations so I can remember not to mail any packages that day….lol!

  2. Last I checked, baking anything at home isn’t regulated by the FDA or the Democratic-run administration. I’ve seen examples where the government in the U.K or some European countries have moved children out of the parents’ custody for being too fat, but I’ve never seen a police officer bust into someone’s kitchen demanding that the mother of the household cease in baking her specialty peanut butter cookies.

    Somehow you’ve managed to lump Democrats into being the lead cause of a ‘nanny state’ when it’s only been two years since W’s 8 year administration, during which the Patriot Act was enacted, the FCC took a hard stance on a nipple on TV and the downfall of the US economy. I criticize mistakes wherever they fall in the political spectrum, and the fact that you decided to put emphasis on ‘Hussein’ and connect that with ‘government control over school lunches’ and porn, it became an appeal towards emotion and circumstance than any real reasoning.

    I realize you’re a reasonable person and that you have plenty to say on this blog, but like in so many cases when it comes to stirring up emotion, negative sentiment towards the current government and issues you hold dear, please try to present a more coherent and factual argument instead of slinging accusations and creating stories that attempt to get people riled up. Simply put, we get enough of this bullshit from Limbaugh and Beck.

  3. It’s so sad that people focus on the Obama comments…I knew Tony would complain…did you not read “Now…I know I mentioned President Obama and the Dems specifically….(but jeez they are such EASY targets nowadays), but seriously, there is enough blame, hypocrisy, stupidity, and greed to go around on both sides of the aisle.”? I was trying to interject a little HUMOR…but I guess there are too many overly sensitive lefties out there. Nevertheless…you are correct…Big Brother isn’t (yet) breaking into kitchens around America attempting to thwart cookie baking. However, in the city of New York, they are saying that YOU cannot send your child to school with junk food…but the SCHOOL can SELL the junk food to them..it’s a FACT. BTW…Obama signed another year extension of the Patriot Act YESTERDAY….oh and btw…has he closed Gitmo yet…or ended rendition…or decided on the “civil trials vs. military tribunals” issue yet? Again…I’m not making this issue about Obama…it was a JOKE….but Obama is now seeing that sitting on the other side of the Oval Office desk is a teenie bit different than the view he had when he merely WANTED the job. Sorry but it’s Obama’s government, budget, deficits, wars and economy now. Besides…this isn’t about Obama…the nanny-state mentality is something that has been running rampant in this country long before anyone ever heard of Barrack Obama (I just think the middle name “Hussein” is funny and ironic…do you not?). Culminating with LBJ’s “Great Society”, America has been on a downslide for decades, losing our sense of self-reliance and picking ourselves up by the bootstraps, or in my case, the garter belts, and building the kind of life you want for you and your family. Instead we now see an over-bearing sense of entitlement that I blame on the “cradle-to-grave” ideology that government is supposed to provide for you from birth until death.

  4. See thats where you are so wrong, I got pushed off a major liberal website because they thought I was a right wing plant. Sorry Im not a sheep on either side. lol I think for myself not quoting anyones talking points. Say hello to your hubby for me and tell him I have lost now 141 lbs.

  5. sure miss the good ole days when slavery was legal in our country. so much easier to get sh*t done….hahahaha

    “When you’re born, you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front-row seat.” – G.C.

    ..so true

  6. I fail to see where there’s an argument here. All of you are basically saying the same thing in different ways, though maybe with slightly different preferred targets. Lindsey (hiya Sexy, miss you) clearly shares the blame between the holier-than-thou, corporate-friendly, “we’re watching you for your own safety” conservatives with the tree-hugging, whale-loving, “let’s tax the poor folks who can’t afford a new energy efficient car because the sun’s too bright today” liberals. My opinion… they’re all at fault and should be sent home to get real jobs. If they have an “I” by their name, vote for the other guy.

    Tony, I know the feeling. I’m too liberal for the right, and too conservative for the left. I’m just sick of it all. The federal government needs to get out of private industries, the healthcare system, the state’s school systems, various other state’s rights issues (including gun control), and above all, get the fuck out of our personal lives.

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