Michael Thomas Strother’s lucky rabbits foot “rabbit’s foot” … who knew?



Saturday Michael came over because we were WAY behind on our content shoots…every time over the last few weeks we had planned to shoot something came up…either for me or Mike…and we would cancel.  In anticipation of Michael being gone for five weeks we decided to spend all day Saturday shooting so that Michael would have PLENTY of content to render and upload as updates while he is gone.  So Mike shows up around 3pm JUST as the Michigan/Notre Dame game starts.  I was eagerly anticipating this game all week (yes I’m a chick and I LOVE football, especially college football and MOST especially the Michigan Wolverines) so I reconciled myself to stealing peaks at the TV as the day progressed, every once in awhile removing the cock from my mouth or the toy from my nether-region, and dashing back to the TV to see the score.  This was upsetting the flow of the shoots I know…but hey…it’s college football season you know?  Mike was a trouper about it all though.

We started the shooting with a solo scene with a new toy I received in the mail from a fan Mark from N.Y.  I was wearing a HOT new one-piece bathing suit that is cut SO high on my thighs that they look like they go on forever.  Mike wanted to take advantage of the daylight and shoot outside on the deck off my second-floor bedroom.  I have a sexy bed with an umbrella out there and it has been known to take a banging every now and again from naked people…lol.   Well my Wolverines started off very strong and jumped to a quick lead…I was well on my way to my first orgasm with my pocket-rocket and ALL was good with the world.  Then as the day progressed from solo scenes to boy-girl scenes the lights got hotter and the game got closer.  You have no idea how difficult it is to ask someone off camera, in between takes, what the score of the game is in while you are still getting pounded from behind.  But that’s what a true fan does.

The day was changing to night and it was getting deep into the fourth quarter…Michigan leading 31-20 …I was getting nailed “balls-deep” in a reverse cowgirl and enjoying it immensely BUT I couldn’t see the tele.  The volume was muted so as to not interfer with our recording.  Finally, my talent was sensing my nervousness and stopped mid-thrust…”everything O.K.?” he asked.  I pondered my answer for a second…not wanting to bruise his ego and tell him that in reality, for the last eight to ten minutes,  I was running the option “Double Slash Z” play in my head and wondering why Rodriguez hadn’t called it yet?  (Didn’t think I knew about that shit either, huh?  I hang around a LOT of guys)  Well he decided he needed a bathroom break anyway, so I gleefully hopped up off the bed and sprinted inside and plopped my naked ass down on my loveseat, (which we shot a second boy-girl scene on later in the evening) with eyes-big-as-saucers watching the final 2:30 ticking down on the clock.  But what really caught my eyes, as they drifted around the myriad of useless and inane graphics which filled the screen to capacity, was the SCORE: Michigan 31 – Notre Dame 34 !!!!!!  WTF! I screamed at Mike…”why did you bring bad luck to my house today?”  The clock ticked down to around 1:10 and Mike bellowed “get your ass back out here hooker..we gotta lotta work to do today.”  I kept stalling my return, trying to steal a glance at every second I could, like it was my last morsel of food before I embarked on a long desert journey.  When I pleaded with Mike to stay for the last Michigan rally he refused me saying: “football is a bunch of latent homosexuals in funny clothes.”  SMACK!  That was it…I reconciled myself to a Michigan loss as I turned and heard the whistle blow on a 3rd and 14 attempt which ended in an errant incomplete pass.  I went back to screwing…begrudgingly I will admit.  I felt bad….my Wolverines had lost, in only the second game of this young season, in their “attempt-at-a-comeback” return to past greatness.  I did get back into the sex though…very quickly…lol.

Well, stud #1 nuts and that scene is now in the can.  One boy-girl scene down…one to go.  The next scene became quite a fun thing, incorporating an interview into the action, and although I was still lamenting “Big Blue’s” loss I was quite giddy with the “artistic” leeway Mike gave me on this scene.  That scene went great and we finished it up with a “facial to end all facials”…..at least from ONE cock, that is…lol.  We broke down all the equipment, talked a little and Mike left.  As the glow of all the good dicking I received subsided I fell back into my sorrow.  What will become of this season…I wondered?  It was late enough now that I was tired and went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning early…awakened as usual by my Pomeranian sitting on my head staring at me…as if to say: “bitch…it’s time to get up cuz I gotta go, ‘ya know?”  I went downstairs and began my daily routine with making the coffee.  I turned on the TV in my game room to the news and went back into the kitchen…out of eyesite, but not out or earshot of the TV.  What I heard next made my jaw drop and my ears perk up like a German Shepherd’s…”Michigan UPSET #18 Notre Dame 38-34 in the LAST 4 seconds with a touchdown pass”  OMG…was I really hearing what I thought I was hearing?  Remembering I had settled back into getting laid THINKING the Wolverines had choked after leading the Irish for most of the game, I wasn’t prepared for what I heard next… “# 3 USC defeats # 8 Ohio State 18-15 ….. my implants nearly imploded from the excitement!  Big Blue won with 4 seconds left AND Ohio State lost…in prime time?  On the same day?  Holy shit… I dropped a towel on the floor just to make sure that gravity was still working.  I contemplated touching the glowing red-eye on my stove to make sure I wasn’t dreaming but thought better of it.  Could it be….dare I say it?  Is Mike South actually the University of Michigan’s rabbit’s foot?  Could he be my “good-luck charm?”  I am not sure yet but one thing I know for sure…we are shooting scenes on Saturday November 21, 2009…the last day of the season…when Big Blue plays Ohio State in the Big House.

29150cookie-checkMichael Thomas Strother’s lucky rabbits foot “rabbit’s foot” … who knew?

Michael Thomas Strother’s lucky rabbits foot “rabbit’s foot” … who knew?

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  1. I hate to say it, but you may be on to something. Last November, we did a joint party with Mike in Bham on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. He was visibly cringing as we subjected him to the “homo-erotic imagery” that we refer to as “the Iron Bowl” (that’s Alabama vs Auburn for those of you that don’t follow the SEC). With South present and accounted for, the Crimson Tide not only broke a SIX YEAR LOSING STREAK to the Tigers, they beat em by more than the entire point spreads combined from those past six years. Final score… 36-0

    Sure, you can have him on Nov 21st, but we get him on the 27th (yep, this year’s Iron Bowl)!!!

    See ya in Bham on Nov 27th, Mike

    Lindsay, you’re invited too

  2. You are a fucking riot, girl!

    “You have no idea how difficult it is to ask someone off camera, in between takes, what the score of the game is in while you are still getting pounded from behind. But that’s what a true fan does.”

    And ending it with Mike coming back to shoot on a game day?? I nearly pissed myself laughing! Man, I needed that… Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Julie..I am so glad you got a laugh…it was really a fun day and the next morning was even better…lol..I can’t wait to meet you…you and hubby are more than welcome to cum here on November 21st…I’m sure there will be plenty of laughs to go around…whether you like football or not

  4. I don’t know if this was your intention or not, Lindsay, but your face is completely covered by Mike’s side bar when viewed in FireFox. You might want to shrink the pic a bit so we can all see you:)

  5. Thank you, Lindsey. 😀 I liked the picture the way it was. I thought it was an artistic twist to go with the title. Legs for days and a lucky rabbit’s foot. 😛

  6. Okay… I have to admit, Mike may be right about the “latent homosexual imagery”. What Bama did to NW Texas today was nothing short of sodomy.

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