Wishing Mike well …. and saying “Hi” to some friends..

Well I am busy replying to emails and I wanted to say a very “public” HI to Mike.. I know you are sitting at home in misery..I’m sorry baby!  That’s the unfortunate side-effect of the “practice” of medicine..lol.  Seriously though, I talked to him about an hour ago and you may all feel secure in the knowledge that he is a little sore, a little perturbed….and onery as ever.  Mike we all are wishing you a speedy …and free breathing … recovery.  I personally want to thank you for all your hard work on my behalf, along with Eddie at Studio 9, in producing, designing, and getting my website up and live…thanks guys you ROCK!

And really quickly I want to publicly “call out” Felicia Fox and her hubby Tim Case…get your asses down here to Atlanta as soon as possible dammit!  Mike and I both wish we could have been  in Dayton, Ohio at the “Flamingo Showclub” for your big 1oth Anniversary party but we will make it up to you when you come here..lol.  By the way, answer your voice mails.

27920cookie-checkWishing Mike well …. and saying “Hi” to some friends..

Wishing Mike well …. and saying “Hi” to some friends..

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  1. Aww Thank You Lindsey Im glad I got one writer left besides me n Steve Lick You rock too dollface.

    Soon as Im better we gonna celebrate by going fishin!

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