Friendship is a precious, albeit, rare thing….

First off…to Julie Meadows…you are an AWSEOME writer.  Great minds must think alike because EVERY time I start to write a post I refresh the home page and you posted one just before…I don’t want to steal your thunder girl because you are a far superior writer to me. 

Mike, I am so glad you are back…and I really feel bad about dropping my bombshell on you but I don’t have much choice.  And don’t worry anybody, I am certainly NOT quitting porn, in fact once I get out of my house and down to Florida I am going to really throw myself into producing a variety of content.  For those of you that do not already know I will be leaving Georgia because my house is full of black mold, no one at ANY state of Georgia agency wants to help and this is a non-reconpensible expense on homeowner’s insurance….at least in the state of Georgia.  So I have decided to move to the Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater area, which I have been debating doing anyway for the last two years.  I have not written anything here for three weeks because I have been packing and trying to make arrangements for my move…for that I am sorry…I know you all missed my rapier wit…lol. 

What I really want to talk about is friendship…that’s right…friends and friendship.  My father said to me once years ago, at the age of fifty, “I have lots of aquaintances, but can really only count my TRUE friends on the fingers of ONE hand.”  That tidbit has stuck with me throughout my life.  And on the whole it really is very true.  Over the years there have been a lot of people that I might loosely use the word “friend” when referring to, but in reality, how many of them really were true friends?  I hazzard to guess not many.  But over the last two years or so I have met a variety of great people, from very diverse walks-of-life, that I am honored to list among my real friends.  And I want to sincerely thank them all for their love and support.  But what does “friendship” mean?  Is there a “cookie-cutter” answer to that question which holds true across all scenarios?  I think there is…a friend is someone who is there for you… no matter what you say or do in anger, no matter what you need or when you need it.  Not necessarily “things” that you need (ie. money, borrow their clothes or car, etc.) but rather, emotional needs.  I cannot tell you how helpful some of my real friends have been throughout this ordeal…offering me emotional support, letting me know that they will help me pack or move, run errands for me, etc.  My best friends in the world that live in St. Pete are even going to let me crash with them while I look for a new house.  Now how great is that?  And let me tell you, I am NOT someone that it’s always easy to be friends with, I assure you.  I know to the uneducated I look like a little sweet, demure and quiet girl who could never hurt a fly…well this bitch has been to jail for fist-fighting…with her sister.  That’s right, Cobb County, Georgia has more than one mug shot of me on file.  I have been kicked out of more than one bar because I …umm…perhaps had a”teency, weency” bit too much to drink.  And never, ever did a friend let me drive home drunk.  There are people in my life that I know would NEVER betray me, or talk about me behind my back, or ever leave me in a bad spot.  That is an incredibly enpowering feeling.  Not that I want to “rely” on anyone, but it feels good knowing nonetheless.  And the funniest thing is that some of the greatest and most genuine people I have met have been in this business.  People like Mike, of course, Tim and Fifi, Hunter and Lady Hunter, Ohio Flyboy, Julie Meadows and others.  Ironic isn’t it, that people immersed in the supposedly “seedy” business of strip clubs and porn are the very ones that would give you the shirt off their back?  Just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover, or occupation, for that matter.

For all the phone calls, emails, tweets and love and support that I have recieved during this incredibly frustrating ordeal…I want to say THANK YOU all!  You really make me smile when I don’t always feel like it…that’s a precious gift that money cannot buy. 

Oh…btw… Mike, Monday is moving day, as long as the weather cooperates, so call me please.  And can I borrow the $100,000 that I am losing on this house?  Pretty please?  I’ll pay you back I promise.

29890cookie-checkFriendship is a precious, albeit, rare thing….

Friendship is a precious, albeit, rare thing….

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  1. That sucks, I wish you and your hubby the best. Next shooting trip to fl, we will give you guys a heads up and maybe we can get together for coffee.

  2. Hey Lindsay. I had no idea you were having issues. Sorry to hear you’re heading off. I guess GA will be one girl uglier and FL will be one girl prettier.

    Oh, and can you come over and shoot an anal scene before you go? 🙂

  3. Lindsey, So true, so true. I made nearly the same statement as your father just a few months ago. Coincidentally, it was in a conversation about South. Just so ya know, Lady H and I are honored you include us among your friends. You know if you ever need us, we’re a phone call away… Oh, but we’re busy on Monday… *grin*

    Steve, you need a cameraman for that anal scene? I’m pretty sure I’m free that day (as long as it’s not Monday).

  4. Sweet Lindsey! Thank you for being so kind to me. I am ecstatic to hear you are getting out of that house. Doug suffered from exposure to mold, and it is not good. The sooner you move the better. I’m so sorry you are dealing with that. Be healthy, have a safe move and keep in touch! You can write or call whenever. 🙂

  5. Hunter …lol….we can change the day to Tuesday if that works better for you and Lady H…Tony…I didnt forget about you sweety, I am NOT a right wing porno girl, I’m just a fan of And when you cum to Florida definately let us know…we still have to do the stand-up performance…looking for a club that has open mike nights once we get there and settled…Julie, THANK YOU, you will definately hear from me after we get everything into storage…xoxox

  6. Steve I am SO SORRY sweety..I didn’t mean to diss you I was typing and looking at something else and forgot to include mind has been on so much lately..again i am sorry…but THANK YOU of the very sweet coompliments..i dunno there a a lot of hot ho’s in

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