Memorial Day’s Meaning

I know that today is a day where most people will be out in their backyards or at campgrounds or at lakes and rivers on their boats, partaking of adult beverages as they grill their favorite carnivore treats.  This is true for all except those of us who live in Atlanta, since we have been drenched for the last week with no end in site.  I’m spending my Memorial Day sketching plans for my Arc.  But amongst all the picnics, air-shows, back-yard BBQ’s and fun on the water I hope that everyone takes a minute to contemplate the REAL reason we celebrate this holiday. 

I have been to Arlington National Cemetary and stood in absolute awe as the acres upon acres of gently rolling landscape safely ensconced the remains of those souls who gave their ALL, their mind, body and SOUL, so that we may sit in our backyard on a lawn chair made in China, drinking beer made in Holland whilst cooking steroid-laden chicken from who knows where.  As is the case with many of our national holidays, as the years go by there seems to be an ever-widening generational-gap when it comes to actually comprehending the reason these holidays exist in the first place.  Now there are a variety of reasons this is true.  There is a definate lack of historical perspective in today’s world of Blackberries, high-speed internet and 24 hour cable news.  People today find it very difficult to think about anything that happened last week, much less last year or a decade or four decades ago.  While Memorial Day outings traditionally provide us with countless “YouTube moments” of drunken, middle-aged, out-of-shape men reliving their high school football “glory days” as they scream “..hey, check this out…” there is a deeper meaning that seems lost on the younger generations.  This holiday is, or at least it should be, about more than a day off from school or work.  There are far greater and more meaningful things we should be celebrating than 60 calorie beer.  I may be a girl that likes to be naked and have sex in front of, and with, groups of people but I do have a sense of historical perspective.   

If you are a parent, please do this for me.  Please let your child know the truth about all those brave and self-less men and women who have served and protected us for over two-hundred years.  Let your child know that there have been many true “heroes” who have unselfishly given their lives so that we may eat, drink and be merry….while playing our PS3.  Educate your child that Kobe Bryant is NOT a hero but that the young man or woman he sees in the airport in uniform lugging their duffel bag as they prepare to board a plane to Iraq, Afghanistan or some other perilous place IS in fact a REAL hero.  And parents, thanks to those same heroes YOU have the freedom to look at my cooter…in high definition no less.

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Memorial Day’s Meaning

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