Dirty Bob called me today asking if I had the reservations number for Black Lung Airlines….sigh…

Word is begining to trickle out that the Bush administration may be ready to gear up for an assualt on Porn Valley. The PBS “Frontline Documentary airing this week may very well fuel that effort. The way I see it the following people are potential targets:

1. Extreme. Extreme is the easiest target of them all. Rob Black is a lot like that kid we all knew in grade school, the little runt who taunts the other kids from a safe distance and then as soon as he gets a response he tucks tail and runs, secure that he is far enough away from the danger zone to avoid the ass whipping he so richly deserves. He is doing the same thing with prosecutors, but he is grossly miscalculating the danger zone. Extreme is not in the best of financial situations, this is evidenced by the fact that so many people have to sue them to get paid. This financially weak position makes Extreme an easy target for a high powered government prosectutor, particularly at the federal level. Add that Extremes movies would be among the industries most desireable to a prosecutor to put in front of a jury and a win looks easy, almost too easy. Rob Black’s daddy would have to finance the court battle as he has most of Extreme’s fiascos, sooner or later daddy is going to either run out of money or stop throwing it away. Either way all these factors would put Extreme at the very top of my “Dead Pool” of companies that would go down in a government crackdown.

2. Hustler. Hustler is the poster child for free speech as it relates to the adult industry and Hustler is very high profile. The government has unlimited dollars to throw at prosecutions should they choose to do so. Hustler has a lot of money to defend itself though so this would be a much larger scaled battle. The governments motive would be to collapse a big company thus taking down the little guys as a beneficial fallout. Larry Flynt has made few friends in the federal government and a lot of people would want to take him down just to satisfy a personal vendetta. The most likely target would be Hustler’s “Barely Legal” series and the hardcore print magazine.

3. Anabolic. Here is a company that does well with no outside help from anyone and Christopher Alexander, Anabolic’s owner does have the resources to defend himself. Had Anabolic stayed with the “Rough Sex” series he would likely be higher on the hit list, but his position outside the “herd” makes him a target for a predatory government prosecutor.

4. Max Hardcore. Few people in porn have generated the instant recognition that both Max the character and Max the name have. Nobody has generated the ire that Max has. Titles such as “Hardcore Schoolgirls” are ripe targets for prosecution and again Max is far enough outside the herd to make himself targetable.

5. Ed Powers. Yep you read that right Ed Powers, the reason is plain and simple, they will take Ed down simply for making bad porn. Nuff said.

960cookie-checkDirty Bob called me today asking if I had the reservations number for Black Lung Airlines….sigh…

Dirty Bob called me today asking if I had the reservations number for Black Lung Airlines….sigh…

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