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Rob Black Dismissal To Be Appealed:

Gee imagine that…I was right…..Now what are the odds that Judge Lawrences dismissal will be upheld on appeal? Slim and None. Sardonicus from TBP Forums Pens A Song For Rob:

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Just As I Knew He Would:

Rob looked exactly like the uneducated fool that he is last night on Nightline. Thanks Rob You little fuck. Lou Sirkin Takes a Shot: In an interview with Kernes, Lou

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Tony Writes:

Good Job mike, the story seems to have appeared on all the porn sites at about the same time but only you actually have any useful information, the rest just

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More on Maricopa Joe:

Dear Mike: I don’t know if you realize just how fucked up Maricopa County is. It features a lunatic who bills himself … well, here’s his damn book on Amazon,

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Just a Thought:

Everyone is all gung ho about Rob and Lizards chances at the moment, but allow me to remind you that the jury and the American People have yet to see

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J D Obenberger Writes:

I just learned – when AP called me for comment, that Extreme and Rob Zecari have been indicted for obscenity in the Western District of Pennsylvania. AP faxed me a

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Rob Black Indicted!:

As I stood in AVN’s offices here in Porn Valley waiting to go to lunch, I got the news that The feds had indicted Rob Black and Lizzy Borden on

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Richard Writes:

Hey Mike, It’s actually Dick Smothers JUNIOR…not Dick Smothers of the Smothers Brothers. Another child of a celebrity cashing in on Dad’s success. I wouldn’t call Dickie Junior a celebrity

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Rob Black Cons AVN:

Because this scumbag is the only example of someone who almost flunked out of porn and as such AVN refuses to take his advertising Rob needs to breath some life

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Bob Weighs in on Extreme:

Mike: Just read your thoughts on the impact of the Extreme bust on the rest of the porn industry, including the line that it will make all production companies look

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Rob Black Not Arrested:

The Offices of Extreme Associates. Feds are Inside, Rob Blacks Pucker Factor is now equivalent to that of Saddam. Rob Black Not Arrested: Previous word that Rob was arrested is

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Samantha Phillips and Stuff

Steve Corrects my Story: Yes, Mike Albo is writing for us here at the Bunnyranch, no it’s not Dennis Hof’s life story. It will be a compilation of story that

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I smell a rat:

Over on lukefords old site they are saying that Gene Ross is going to work for the soon to be launched www.netsuperstation.com and that gets Gene off of Extremes payroll,

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