One More thought on this Whole Extreme thing:

A reader, who wishes to remain anonymous posed an interesting question to me today. I will rephrase the question and try to answer it because it is a good one.

Here is the question.

What if, during Rob’s trial you were called by the government as an expert witness on what mainstream pornography entails?

Damn, that’s a good question ain’t it? I for one would love to see Rob Black out of this business and if jail is what it takes I wouldn’t shed a single tear for him. BUT there is an issue here. I don’t like the idea of anyone telling me what I can and cannot watch, or read. Is Rob guilty on that level, does he deserve to go to jail? Probably not, I think that filming what he does actually IS protected free speech. Just like if I film a murder, the act of filming that is not a crime. If I conspire to commit the murder so that I may film it that IS a crime and I think therein lies my answer.

When one person assaults another person, that is a crime, if I conspire to have that person assaulted so that I may film it that is a crime as well, even though filming the assualt is not a crime. You cannot “consent” to be a party to a crime so the whole consensual thing goes out the window there.

This being said should Rob Black go to a federal prison for obscenity? No I don’t think so.

Should he go to jail for other crimes that may stem from this? Crimes like Assualt and Battery or maybe money laundering or collusion or tax evasion? Yes, if the government can prove those cases, absolutely he should and he shouldn’t go alone.

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One More thought on this Whole Extreme thing:

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