Rob Black Dismissal To Be Appealed:

Gee imagine that…I was right…..Now what are the odds that Judge Lawrences dismissal will be upheld on appeal? Slim and None.

Sardonicus from TBP Forums Pens A Song For Rob:

Parody of Don McLean’s American Pie – redux

A long, long time ago
I could still remember
how his predilection made him vile
Yet he knew if he had his chance
that he could shoot in their parlance
and maybe he’d be happy for a while
Most of the folks in Pennsylvania
swears that porn will only stain ya
They charged with mounted horses,
clearly just what Bush endorses
It all seemed rather cut and dried
although the boy’s yet to be fried
But something touched us deep inside
the day Bush turned the tide. So…

“Bye, bye Extreme” the Valley had sighed
their ass is heavy from the levy as the levy was high
And them good ol’ boys were flaming Rob as he cried
singing: Robby ain’t it time you were tried?
Robby ain’t it time ya got fried?

Did he write the book on porn
and does he have faith in the girls he scorned?
if Gene Ross tells him so…
And did he believe in Karma too?
the result from drama that’s ensued
but can he face his fans now and the truth?
Well it seems that Rob’s obsessed with hate
with pseudo-rape depictions on video tape
Too late to be singing the blues
but it was his choice to choose
He’s just a lonely loser spending daddy’s buck
with a failing business – no one gives a fuck
We all knew he was out of luck
the day Bush turned the tide.

(repeat chorus)

Now for some time his product was condoned
and his IQ won’t leave well enough alone
that combination was scaring me
Then Rob Black sang on the CBC
dellusional man he truly thinks he’s free
there were echoes from the peanut gallery
Oh and while LFP was looking down
he tried to steal Flynt’s thorny crown
The courts had all adjourned
Lancaster’s verdict had been returned
And while South and others threw the book at Black
tarnished now as a deviant hack
Just hope and pray he won’t come back
it’s clear the Supreme will decide.

They were singin…

(repeat chorus)

Helter Skelter in a fallout shelter
evidence of scenes where they seemed to belt her
five minutes of fame and fading fast
It’s the plan that got rammed up his ass
his players tried for a punters’ pass
with Black proselytizing as if in Mass
Now the half-time air was sweet perfume
while the Valley played a marching tune
Rob & Liz got up to dance
oh but they never got the chance
Oh as Rob tried to take the field
he was informed Lancaster was appealed
do you recall what was revealed the day Bush turned the tide?

He started singin…

(Chorus repeat)

Oh and there we were all in one space
to watch a train wreck taking place
with no time left to start again
So come on, Rob be nimble, Rob be quick
But Rob Black sat on a candle stick
because fire is the devil’s only friend
Oh and as he watched Lou on his stage
as he deftly danced and turned the page
But the saint who defended hell
could not break Bush’ spell
As Rob’s self-esteem fell through the night
to light the sacrificial rite
I saw people laughing with delight, the day they turned the tide.

They were singin…

(repeat chorus)

Rob met some guy who sang the blues
and he asked him for some happy news
but he just smiled and turned away
He logged on to some web log site
where he’d post the gospel and preach his fight
but the host there said the site would not display
And in the streets the faithful screamed
his supporters cried, in disarray they seemed
But not a word was spoken
the Extreme bells were broken
And the three men he admires most
Satan, Manson, and Stalin’s ghost
They caught the last train for the coast
the day Bush burned his hide

And they were singin…

(repeat chorus)


Mark From TBP Forum Sends This:

I’m A Porn Star! (I Am Woman)

I’m a porn star, not a whore
with a bust size too big to ignore
and I’m never gonna do DP again
My ruptured asshole’s mighty sore
and I’ve been down there on the floor
no one can tell me now how high to jump or when

Oh yes I am wise
But it’s wisdom born of pain
Yes, I’ve paid the price
A dilated anus I have gained
If I have to, I will do anything
I’ll take it long (long)
I am convincible (convincible)
I’m a porn star!

You can bend but never shake me
no more cherries left to break me
More determined to avoid the nation’s dole
And I’ve come back even stronger
Not a novice any longer
’cause you’ve deepened up my crevice with your pole

Oh yes I am wise
But it’s wisdom born of pain
Yes, I’ve paid the price
many bed sheets I have stained
If I have to, I will do anything
I’ll take it long (long)
I am convincible (convincible)
I’m a porn star!

I’m a porn star watch me grow
from all the punters that I’ll blow
As I spread my lovin’ legs across the land
And I’ll never let it show
my deep resentments way down lo
At least until my agent makes contract demands

Oh yes I am wise
they pay me large now for pain
Yes, they’ve paid my price
with shares of Pampers in my name
If I have to, I will do anything
I’ll take it long (long)
I am convincible (convincible)
I’m a porn star!

I can just hear wankus singing this at PSK now…. and the forum is actually a funny place to hang out…check it out..lotsa porners there


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Rob Black Dismissal To Be Appealed:

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