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Dear Mike:

I don’t know if you realize just how fucked up Maricopa County is. It features a lunatic who bills himself … well, here’s his damn book on
Amazon, for the crypto-Nazi who dreams of a return to jackboots: America’s Toughest Sheriff: How We Can Win The War Against Crime

That’s right. It’s the asshole in Arizona who houses inmates of the County Jail in TENTS in the fucking summertime. Do you know how hot it gets in
Maricopa County in the summer? The asshole in question? Sheriff Joe Arpaio. America’s Biggest Dick. (He’s also a notorious publicity

So, rest assured that the people arrested in the “prostitution sweep” are being held in Guantanimo-style conditions. Actually, the idiot has a fucking
“message from Sheriff Arpaio to the citizens of Maricopa County regarding Homeland Security” on his website, which touts his many innovations,
including his death camps and the use of Zyklon B on parking violators.

Here’s a nice little local perspective on the prick (a former undercover drug officer):


To give the devil his due, law enforcement in Maricopa County is no picnic… this reporter has dealt with the MCSO deputies a few times and has found
them ALL to be complete gentlemen …

Their boss, however, is a piece of work. While we’ve rarely, if ever, heard Joe mention ‘his’ crime statistics, we get ear and eyefuls of everything else. How many other sheriffs have custom-painted tanks? Yup, a TANK. Ever wonder how much it costs to maintain a tank? Of course not, why would you
unless you were paying for it? Of course we’ve seen the MCSO helicopters, horses, all the toys. Wow, you’ve got some cool toys, Joe, most of them
large. It’s a Freudian nightmare we’ve got here in our county.

Everybody knows about ‘tent city’ and the 1000-1500 people housed there. They prisoners there get to wear pink underwear and eat green bologna. All very colorful, but it’s interesting to note (okay, let us have ONE sorta statistic) that Maricopa County’s recidivism rate is among the worst in the country. So, maybe all the ‘tough sheriff’ stuff doesn’t really work? As of this writing, the latest ploy to get in the national papers with some ‘tough sheriff’ ink is putting juvenile offenders on the chain gangs. Somebody is sure to object loud enough to catch the attention of Brokaw on the nightly news, thinks Joe. …

Looking around Joe’s web site showed ONE interesting statistic, we have to wonder how old it is. The site says Sheriff Joe has an 85% approval rating!
There was a whole lotta speculation a while ago that Joe was going to run for governor. Arizona has a rich history of colorful and/or criminal governors, so a vivid character like Joe would have a good chance of being elected. After all, people seem to re-elect him resoundingly enough that hardly anyone wants to run against him. Yet, Joe declined. Would he have refused to run with an 85% approval rating?

Val Sends Me a Pic from The London Erotica Show:

Ok, that’s cool, for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it’s nice to see the clergy with an interest in something other than little boys Rock On Y’all!

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