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Everyone is all gung ho about Rob and Lizards chances at the moment, but allow me to remind you that the jury and the American People have yet to see what it is that has brought forth the indictment. And as any good lawyer will tell you, you can have 100% of the facts 85% of the time and still lose 100% of your cases.

But let’s assume, for the sake of argument that Extreme walks on this. Would that really be a good thing? We have shown a remarkable lack of ability to regulate ourselves, what will Rob do next if he walks on this one? Where would we as an industry draw the line?

I suspect if Sirkin manages to walk Black on this then we are going to see congress pushed to pass a law DEFINING Obscenity. At that point we won’t have to worry anymore, The government will have done what we could not do, it will set the boundaries that we must either live within or get turned over by the Supreme Court. I don’t think we as an industry or we as fans would like what the government would mandate. But I have said it till I’m blue in the face, if we don’t control ourselves the government will do it for us.

This whole obscenity issue and community standards in particular are ripe to be revisited by the supremes, and I aint talkin Diana Ross. Right now we have it pretty good, but it ain’t gonna last. I wouldn’t look for Rob Black to be our saviour if I were the collective “you”.

Goddess Chimes In From Her Site:

I love the whole controversy over on South’s page with this Peter dude. People don’t realize it, but South LIVES for this sort of shit. It turns him on. I liken South to a shark smelling blood in the water. He begins circling his prey, moving in for the kill. The more controversial, the more excited he gets. Hell, it’s not even noon yet, and he’s probably had sex five times, he’s so aroused.

She do know me well….

Arnold Comes Out Swinging:

Arnold Schwarzenegger is starting to step out and express some actual opinions of late. The more he does this the more you realize he’s not exactly a toe-the-line Republican conservative. In radio interviews yesterday we learned that:

Arnold doesn’t believe that the government should be powerful enough to hold a gun to a woman’s head and force her to have a baby she doesn’t want to have.
He is against school choice. He thinks we need to work within the “present system,” as he calls it. The present system is a union dominated, government operated abortion. But, then, he’s for abortion … so thus far he’s being consistent.
He supports the so-called “assault weapons ban” and the Brady Bill. Bear in mind that there is no evidence that the assault weapons ban has actually saved any lives. Ditto for the Brady Bill. This position is the result of adopting a politically correct political position without making any attempt to discover the facts.
Arnold wants to close what he calls the “gun show loophole.” Trouble is, there IS no gun show loophole. People who sell guns at gun shows are subject to the exact same rules, laws and regulations that any other person selling a gun, whether it be through the classified ads or in a gun store, are subject to.
Arnold likes the drug war. Again, this is a position based on emotion and not one based on any careful study of the facts.
Arnold wants prayer in government schools. Remember … those who support prayer in government schools are concerned about your child, not theirs.
Sort of a mixed bag, isn’t it? You know these Republican die-hards though. That first position I mentioned above will be enough to send many Republicans screaming into the electoral wilderness. If there is anything some Republicans just can’t stand it’s the idea of the government not having control over a woman’s reproductive life.

And Finally Arnold on gay marraiges: “”I think that gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman”

Kinda says a lot don’t it? Maybe he’d be better off opening a gym.

Tom Byron Living on the Street and Eating Pork an Beans Out of a Can:

Or at least he must be, he posted this on June 14,2003

On the situation at Extreme Associates; “I would LOVE to shoot Monica Sweetheart. She wouldn’t work for Extreme. A lot of girls wouldn’t. Can’t say I blame them. I mean, who wants to do a 12 hour Zupko anal scene and then have their check bounce? Live and learn… So, since I don’t have the taint of Extreme on me anymore hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to utilize a lot of good talent I missed out on! I’ll live on the street and eat pork and beans out of a can before I let an Evolution check bounce, I swear to God!” – Tom Byron

7/19/03 – Olivia OLovely Writes on her site:

Well, it finally happened. Evolution has screwed me! In more than a few ways! :o) But seriously, they were supposed to pay me yesterday for their last week of having under a “non-exclusive” contract and they simply told me that “they don’t have the money and that they had to postpone all of their shoots next week too because they have run out of money.” They also said they don’t have a time frame to give me about paying me for the last week. They actually want to postpone the contract signing until October/November because by then they’ll have money coming in. WOW!!!! DO they actually think I’ll be all like “Of course, I’ll still sign with you! You have treated me wonderful so far!” Yeah right! I’ll be lucky if I even see this last payment they owe me. What shame too! I know there all a lot of you that like the way Tom Byron shoots, such a shame they have to continue on with the same lousy reputation as Extreme. I really thought and was giving the benefit of the doubt to those guys. Oh well!

So there ya have it, No Evolution didn’t bounce a check so technically maybe he has an out but they did just as bad…they flat out didn’t pay her.

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