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Steve Corrects my Story:

Yes, Mike Albo is writing for us here at the Bunnyranch, no it’s not Dennis Hof’s life story. It will be a compilation of story that the girls tell Mike and will be called “BUNNY TALES”.

Girls Gone Wild Popped!: From

APRIL 4–The owner of the “Girls Gone Wild” video empire was arrested yesterday on racketeering charges after Florida cops learned that several underage girls were filmed topless and bathing together at a local motel. Investigators allege that Joseph Francis, 30, and his cohorts filmed the minors last week during spring break festivities in Panama City. According to cops, the “Girls Gone Wild” team brought two of the girls to a motel where they were each paid $100 for undressing, showering together, and masturbating as they sat on the side of the bathtub. Investigators also allege that Francis offered two of the girls $50 “to touch or play with his penis,” and that he and the “Girls Gone Wild” photographer both knew that the girls were all underage. Along with arresting Francis and three of the multimillionaire’s associates, cops executed search warrants on Francis’s condominium and his corporate Lear jet. Those raids yielded a variety of electronic equipment, cocaine, and evidence of personal use of Ecstasy and pot. Most importantly, cops reported, they found explicit video of the underage girls who had told cops of their March 31 encounter with Francis & Co. In light of these allegations, it makes you wonder whether the previous “Girls Gone Wild” productions (which have raked in nearly $100 million) may also contain kiddie porn.

My contract girl Cori Love is one of the “Girls Gone Wild” from a previous release. I talked to her about this and she said that they hired her through an agency and promised to pay her to do her bit on GGW, she presented an ID and signed a model release. They were very slow to pay her, matter of fact she didn’t get paid until I got involved, at that time they paid her PDQ. I remember either the Mayor or Police Chief of Panama City Beach promising to arrest GGW if they came there for spring break this year…could this have been a set up?

Wolf Interviewed me for his site, Read it Here

Heres the XRCO Results:

Superslut: Catalina
Best Film: Fashionistas
Best Video: Ass Collector
Best New Starlet: Carmen Luvana
Male Performer: Erik Everhard
Female Performer: Belladonna
DVD: Euphoria

Should have some pics later

Me and Art Agree:

Hey what’s up Mike. You have a great site here, glad I ran across it. Samantha Phillips has gots to be one of the hottest looking women I’ve seen in awhile. Has she ever done any porno films? Not only is she gorgeous, but she has a look to her that doesn’t look like anybody else. Which I find rare nowadays, because all of the women are starting to kinda lookalike to me. Pictures don’t usually do much for me, but hers was really hot.

peace! ART-DOG!

Outside of her Penthouse Layouts Sam hasn’t done porn. I am happy to report that she doesn’t appear to hold it against me that I do.

Mike Albo gets a Job:

He is being paid by Dennis Hof, owner of The Bunny Ranch to write his Biography ( Dennis’s Bio not Albo’s). The working title is “Bunny Tales” You heard it here FIRST!

Nobody has Better Coverage of the XRCO Awards!:

The Awards are being held in a Los Angeles Nightclub, one that serves alchohol….OOOPS! Seems that persons under 21 aren’t allowed in, some of the XRCO presenters are under 21. Jared Rutter, has just intervened as I am writing this and has worked out a deal to allow the 18 – 21 year olds in. They are kept in a special area to make sure they don’t drink and everyone ordering alchohol is being carded. Props to Jared for jumping in and fixing things so that the show can go on.

The Larger question looms why is it that an 18 year old girl can consent to be brutalized, sodomized, peed on and exploited but she isn’t considered responsible enough to order wine with dinner….Or a 19 Year old girl from west Virginia can be held as a prisoner of war while fighting for this country, but once back here she can’t have a beer. I say lower the drinking age to 18 at least for beer and wine, and raise the voting age to 21 and raise the driving age to 18.

Gene Ross on his knees:

I hear that Gene Ross recently crawled back to AVN asking for his old job back, the net result…AVN said fuck off and die. Good for them.

Ok This Just Makes me Crazy:

Samantha Phillips

Hey Mike!

Wow, what an honor to finally get to meet (even if was only on the phone) the famous “Mike South”…I looove your site dude, your clever, informed, and you’ve got a lot of style. You’re always one step ahead of the rumors, lol! As a gossip-monger myself, I find there’s a ton of truth and accuracy on your site as I too am one “in the know,” and the greatest thing is how you post all opinions, whether or not they’re of the consensus, which promotes discussion and dissection of the way in which this industry operates. For every bushel of apples there’s bound to be one that’s bad, but that doesn’t spoil all the rest. The porn industry is no different than every other industry in that way. Hopefully one doesn’t get that “bad apple,” and thanks to the forum you provide with your site, we all are often forewarned and forearmed on what we should and should not bite into.

Here’s the “X-clusive” pic I promised you…shot by my best friend, an awesome photographer named Dimitri Halkidis (he gave me permission, if you wanted to post it) He shoots publicity, content, celebs, premieres, all kinds of stuff. Infact he’s photographed other best friends of mine like Alexus Winston and Nikki Nova to name but two. If you or any of your readers would ever be in need of his services (plug plug) you can email him, [email protected]

And while I have your ear, I’d like to invite you to show I’m co-producing, co-hosting and performing in called “The Improv’s Red Light Comedy District-Stand Up Sex”, except it’s here in L.A. April 18th, at the Hollywood Improvisation on Melrose. I don’t know if you’re coming out here anytime soon let alone on April 18th, but I’d like to tell you about the show and perhaps you’d do me a huge solid and pass along the details to your devotees? Long and the short of it, I’ve been involved in this project since it’s inception last year, the concept merges famous centerfolds and adult stars with famous comedians in a show that consists of stand-up, comedy sketches, and improv games. Past performers include myself of course along with, Nikki Nova, Alexus Winston, Keri Windsor, Heather Lynn, and Rick Overton has hosted it (done stand-up and improved with his troupe and us girls) both times we’ve done it last year. Some of our past comedians include Richard Jeni, Dom Irerra, and Sarah Silverman amongst others. This time around girl-wise, Nikki’s back (fyi-the new host of Playboy’s Night Calls 411, replacing Tera Patrick) and so is Alexus Winston (who’s doing some corresponding in up-coming shows of Wild On on E) and so is Keri Windsor (always busy), but then…our newest additions to our group who will also be performing on the 18th are Houston, and Brittany Andrews! Mike Honey…if you ONLY knew how fucking FUNNY these girls are. Our rehearsals are classic, infact there’s a news crew coming to film our last one the day before the show. We’re all very excited because the girls get a chance to showcase they’re just as smart and funny as they are beautiful. You’d be VERY impressed if you came to a show, perhaps one of the next ones? But that would have to be after we go fishing huh? 😉

If anyone who reads your site is interested in coming to the show, and they’re in L.A., or near L.A., or willing to travel to L.A., would you let them know they should call the The Improv and make reservations (for a good table, or ‘a’ table as they sell out quick) their phone # is (323)651-2583. The Improv’s address is, 8162 Melrose Ave., in Hollywood. The date of our next show is April 18th at 10:30pm. People should come a little early because both times we’ve done it before there were lines down the block and it was standing room only. As for our comic line-up, we are waiting for confirmations (huge!) but, we have Joey Diaz (from Analyse This) and he’s fucking nuts! By next week we should have the rest confirmed (I’ll keep you posted). If you would be so kind as to get the word out for me, I’d be forever grateful…and to show my deep appreciation, please enjoy my photo, and do to it as you would like to be done to you, by me 😉

Thanks Mike! You are the best!
All my love,
YOUR fan,

Sam Phillips

Just Damn, I am smitten, I mean what’s not to love about this girl? I am gonna come out to L.A. soon and checkout one of her shows. If anyone of my readers wants to go and send me a review of it, feel free I know most of the girls and I know they probably are very funny.

ON a personal note, Sam…I am a very average guy, it pleases me that you call yourself a fan more than you will ever know. But in all sincerity, I hope that changes to friend real soon! Kisses Baby! You are smokin hot! Visit Hell…Baby I’d MOVE to L.A. for you…and THAT is saying something!

Extreme in Deep DoDo:

XXX: One of Extreme’s camera men got injured while on the job… Appears that Extreme does not have workers comp insurance.. Thus, if things go badly, there is a high probability that they can be fined 10 grand per employee whom is not insured (everyone working for them) this includes what they will label as independent contractors (wont hold up in court)
They had a settlement conference at the Van Nuys Court house last week and I believe they set a date for court

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Samantha Phillips and Stuff

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