What is the Line Between Kink and Abuse? TheDomJew many Allegations


This is some very important information pertaining to a performer in this industry that goes by the alias of “TheDomJew” (and other similar iterations) or his performer/legal name “Eli”. This person has multiple accounts of abuse among many other horrible things he’s done, I understand if this article is too triggering to read, but please take this note with you: this man is incredibly dangerous to the kink and sex work community using it to mask his violence and abuse. This is not safe sex practice at all and this person shouldn’t be allowed to exercise this space as a place for his abuse.

Please everybody be careful out there, especially those around the Boston/NYC/East Coast area as that is where Eli resides. Here is a picture of him as well as a list of some of his socials (some may have been deleted/deactivated or changed now) but please watch for yourself and friends!


TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE, ASSAULT, GROOMING, PEDOPHILIA, AGE PLAY, BDSM, INTENSE BDSM, CONSENT-NON-CONSENT, DRUGGING, GUN/KNIFE PLAY, ANIMAL ABUSE, MURDER, ABUSE, ETC. Most are just accounts/recollections of such, there is some possibly disturbing imagery at the end in which I will put another TW in front!




Without further ado…What is the line between the kink community and illegal activities? Apparently “TheDomJew” doesn’t know!

Recently his girlfriend Lolly Mai (@sluttsmutt) has been showing support for other abuse survivors coming out about their experiences on twitter. Looking at her twitter, she seems to be on the side of victims outing their abusers as shown here…good right?

The most recent is her comment on Alexa Addams (@alexaaddamsx) tweet warning about her ex Rodney Rich and detailing her story in several pages of notes attached to her tweet.

Performer Alexa Addams details previous abuse from former partner Rich Rodney. Lolly chimes in again sending her condolences and saying how it “helps keep others safe”

Lolly comments: “god I’m so sorry Alexa thank you for sharing your experience to help keep others safe” to which she gets comments of other users tagging a thread from the beginning of this year.

@babyylilss: “how are you saying anything when you’re with this man?”

At the beginning of February 2021, @LILPINKCATBITCH posted a screenshot of a message they sent describing their previous interactions with Eli.


She states that they used to be in a long term relationship “irl” (outside of the industry) that started when she was a 17 and he was 23. She follows that in their relationship she endured extreme abuse even as far as rape, importantly stating that “he is a predator hiding behind kinks” which is unfortunately a line heard way too often. Her thread was quote tweeted to Eli and Lolly in a follow up by @alibaby444 saying that they both unfollowed/blocked them as soon as this was shown in their mentions which leads Ali to say that “they’re obviously a danger nd need to be deplatformed also immediately”

@alibaby444: “he nd his gf followed me up until two mins ago when i linked this under his tweet where he’s pretending 2 care about another assault victim, he blocked me lol theyre obviously a danger nd need to be deplatformed also immediately”

Under this tweet, LilPinkCat has linked a whole thread citing many instances of Eli’s abuse that was gathered by Daniel (@weisenbutchfield) back in April. Let’s take a closer look:

Thread by @weisenbutchfeld of gathered allegations against Eli

The first account is from an unnamed victim (Let’s call them A, they were unnamed in this tweet thread so I will continue to respect that) who posted a thread in 2021 that outlines their relationship as well as includes texts between them and Eli confronting him about his role in pimping his new girlfriend (Lo/Lolly). A starts with explaining that they used to be in a poly relationship with Eli (prior to him meeting Lolly and then during him dating her as well) but that he left him because he didn’t approve of how he was using Lolly—essentially pimping her out and taking the money and then posting her cash app begging for money so she can make rent—even though he had no use for it as his living expenses were covered by his parents.

The thread also includes screenshots of Eli and A’s text conversation where Eli is even confronted about said issue and is extremely dismissive of it despite it pertaining to Lolly’s health and well being, not just the money.

A also shares screenshots between him and Lolly where she expresses the amount of pain she’s in due to endometriosis and how Eli would just keep relentlessly fucking her no matter what she said or how much pain she was in.

A offers condolence to Lolly and says how he’ll talk to Eli about creating a safer environment for Lolly to which she starts to cover for him and blaming herself for the pain he caused her but also stating her fear of him. This victim goes on to support the message echoed by many as Eli uses the kink space to abuse further by sharing a very personal and traumatizing experience that they hadn’t originally intended to go public with but felt that with the rise of Eli in the kink/adult work space it was beneficial to others to know (TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE):

He closes this thread with a picture of their dog which Eli had also apparently snapped at making the poor animal have an accident because it was already nervous from new people. If someone can’t even treat animals right pray for those humans that cross their path…

These next screenshots of messages are is between A and Eli where A confronts Eli about Lo admitting that she should leave Eli. Eli tells A that he had told Lo to play off like she was going to so that it would take some of the heat from the first wave of accusations off of her. Whether Eli actually told Lolly to lie to deflect the blame she was getting for being with an abuser or whether Lolly took it into her own hands and played victim to the situation so people would feel bad and not blame her for being with Eli isn’t clear, but both are extremely shit situations and when people lie about their abusers it only makes it harder for real victims to find justice.

Text thread from above expanded between Eli and A

EDIT: I used to have this count filed under another anonymous victim but I have since been informed that this story belongs to the same person whom I’ve been calling the first victim/A. So this is more screenshots of direct messages/texts between Eli and A who used to be in a poly relationship.


In these next screenshots, Eli appears to be lamenting to A about two people who have left him and how that’s making him feel insecure and possibly considering relapse. He then says “I apperantly need to tell my parents I killed people tomorrow”


A asks why Eli needs to tell to which he says “The program is making me”, which I’m going to assume is an AA/drug recovery type program as confessions to loved ones/family about past wrongs is usually included. But what he just openly admitted to having hand in others deaths.

It appears that A was asked to elaborate on said murders to which they honestly disclosed they didn’t know the full details but from what they know about Eli and his past on top of his open admission they are inclined to believe it as truth.



The thread then moves on to a second victim who appeared anonymous on this thread shown below but they have since contacted me (as of 8/18, original draft was published on 8/17) and they are LILPINKCAT whom I introduced above, so this explains her relationship to Eli which prompted her to write this tweet (which was originally had found out about this story):

LILPINKCATBITCH’s tweet about Eli, I wasn’t aware that she was one of the people who had spoken in this thread at the original time of writing

In the thread my @weisenbutchfeld she recounts the details of her relationship with Eli (I have expanded and put the screenshots of her original tweets here): (TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE)

LilPinkCat says that they first met when she was 17 and he was 23 (the livestream and her post were after she turned 18) but that when they did first meet he immediately branded her with his name.





To continue to echo all that was said above, this video from another victim summarizing Eli’s familiar behaviors as well as admitting to also have been underage talking to him has popped up on TikTok. This user also posts Eli’s name and area he lives in to warn others who might bump into him.

In the comments on the video, many people are thanking the OP for talking for outing him again as well as another user telling OP that they told Eli they were 15 and he said it was “okay”


When some of these accounts were initially released back in February, Eli takes to twitter to BRAG about how him and Lolly gained followers from these accusations, all I can say is sick fuck for sure.

There is another anonymous message submitted from someone who knew Eli through their best friend who was in AA with him stating that Eli would ‘make jokes’ and seems almost brag about the abuse he inflicted on others from physically brutalizing them himself as well as encouraging them to self-harm/relapse to taking advantage of their monies.

This whole thread gathered by Daniel (@weisenbutchfield) has been retweeted almost 500 times and quote retweeted 100+ at the time of me writing this, I was not able to include every single comment or retweet comment, but here’s a short clip showing them, I recommend slowly going through these if you may have any doubts.




Another twitter user @Slatzism had also taken to twitter in April to compile their own list of allegations on Eli. This thread starts with a more gruesome image set of Lolly’s bruised face, along with OP taunting Eli.

Slatzism notes in the following tweet that they were contacted by someone who knew one of the victims well with intent on letting the family know of the situation the victim was in. They were disclosed with the information that “the girl” has a history of mental illness which as we know can make giving full consent (especially to intense kink acts in which sometimes the victim can be mislead) more of a gray area.

Somebody of course questions the legitimacy of the above tweet to which they are given a clear and concise answer that the victim has admitted publicly to being mentally ill.

Whether these above tweets are specifically referring to Eli’s current girlfriend or a past one is not specified in the tweets, however due to what others have stated (see V1’s reference to possible Stockholm syndrome with text evidence) and her own behavior on the TL I don’t think we should dismiss Lolly’s potential cries for help.




Okay so now that we have all those accounts, if you’re still not convinced that this person has no place anywhere expect prison, lets look at his content/interactions with fans. Here are some anonymous questions he was asked on Curious Cat:

Q: How do you drug your sub to keep her sleep long enough for rape play? A: I’m confused? I give her sleeping meds sometimes

Delightful right…

Q: I think you should disregard Loli’s wishes at this time and do what is best for her mental health. A break is definitely needed; it is quite sad to see her talking about leaving “here”. As much as she may love sex work, her being alive and happy is much more important. Your guys’ content is great and is more than enough to sustain while the account is a temporary break. A: We will have to talk about this all together when she is out but unfortunately no all our fans are forgiving as you and we are losing money and this is her main source of income :/

This query appears to be coming from a concerned fan of theirs commenting on Lolly’s wellbeing and again Eli disregarding concerns for his partners mental and physical health putting “her income” (even though it’s questionably his now) above her concerning tweets which warranted this fans remark—(sound familiar as A’s story..?)


So what is Eli up to? Bragging about how his and Lolly’s “content”. Here is the description on one of their videos were he advertises “face punching, minor cee en cee as well as ? and lots of it”. The breakdown of this for vanilla/normal folks is: face punching = okay you know that one // minor cee en cee = minor (under 18), cee en cee is CNC or ‘consent non-consent’…or sigh…rape role play // ? and lots of it = well blood, and lots of it. He follows this by almost gloating that “After this shoot Lolly couldn’t go to class, FaceTime her family, or even go to the corner store for over a week cause of how deformed her face was from the brutalization.”

I’m not here to kink shame, what people do behind closed doors is their business, but from what I’ve read about how Eli uses the “kink space” as a way to actually live though and play out his demented fantasies with only the purpose to please him regardless of what his partner/sub thinks some of this stuff churns my stomach.






Kait Katsaros (@TrackhawKaitX) who has recently been in the spotlight in the hardcore kink scene by filming “scat videos” as well as a multitude of other intense content made a joke out of the victims allegations. Kait was directly replied to by @Silkybbys summarizing Eli’s abuse on a tweet (now deleted) but that I can imagine went along the lines of Kait taking that she was getting cancelled/other performers were upset with her based on the fact that she worked with these abusers rather than her playing in her own shit.


Kait also posts a picture of her and Lolly kissing clipped from the hardcore video they did together with the caption “We consent” in reply to a similar thread. Silkybby is also on this tweet trying to explain again to Kait the bigger picture.

If you want to film hardcore or poop content, I guess to each their own, but don’t film with abusers and then mock and taunt others that YOU were able to consent when they weren’t.


When practiced safely by two fully consenting people without any use of fear or leverage of the dom over the sub kink can be explored and help people. However when a dangerous person is given the position of dom they are able to take advantage of the sub’s vulnerable and serving state it will only further the damage and trauma.

Eli Korson-Silverlieb is a dangerous person and someone who should not be a dom to anyone or be working with anybody in the industry. He has traumatized many people who have come forward and probably many more that haven’t/are  afraid to and there is no place for that in any community.  I am not here to pit people against each other or psychoanalyze but at this time his girlfriend Lolly Mai also has no place tweeting out her condolences towards other victims sharing their abuse when she still lives with and supports Eli. I understand that she may feel trapped or have fallen to a psychological trap that Eli has put her in and for that I agree she deserves and needs help, but it is not right to pick and choose some people to claim to believe and support on their abuse and block/disregard those coming out against you.


If you or a loved on is suffering from domestic abuse, substance abuse, or suicidal/self harm tendencies, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the links above or if you’re seeking help within the industry to APAG the official performers guild.

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What is the Line Between Kink and Abuse? TheDomJew many Allegations

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