Most Always a dog is a man’s best friend, dogs should never be Sexually Assaulted. Ever!

For many in the adult industry, the topic of sexually assaulting a dog, may not be a total and absolute shocker. After many years of stories, rumors, and lawsuits. Some may find some signs of relief in this sad but stunning chapter. By this I mean, there seems to be some justice rendered here, this time for just one dog, Justice in some sort of way non the less.

District court judge in Louisiana, Michael Craig does not seem to take too kindly of an ex-cop and K-9 unit dog handler, Terry Yetman, sexually assaulting children and a K9 Unit dog. Yeltman, who not only prides himself as a K9 unit dog handler, and now former cop, also assaults minors, both boys and girls.

According to court documents and videos, there exist unspeakable sexual acts.  The honorable Judge Michael Craig, rendered swift justice, handing down concurrent lengthy jail time. Which could total  20 to 40 years, The horrified judge, additionally required the perverted, Beastiality connoisseur, and rogue cop to register as a sex offender.

Terry Yeltman Puppy Club lover
Ex-Cop Terry Yeltman, a pedophile sexually assaulted his  K9 unit dog

The overwhelming evidence

From the evidence, it appears the disgraced cop was not the intended target, it was a ring of pedophiles under investigation, Yeltman was caught up in an investigation of another cop, suspected of child molestations, at a nearby county.

Yetman, who began working on the force in November 2014 and who reportedly worked a stint in the K-9 unit, was arrested in December 2018 after a multi-month investigation that reportedly began with investigators looking into another Bossier City deputy suspected of obtaining and distributing child pornography. In the course of that investigation, investigators reportedly discovered online conversations between the original target and Yetman in which Yetman said he “would like to have sex with children, both boys and girls,” according to court documents

The intended suspect and target of a long investigation, lead to the dirty cop’s phone that revealed videos of him engaged in sex acts with not just preadolescence Children, there were also videos of him sexually assaulting his K-9 unit dog.

Crying abused dog
Abused dogs do cry

So where is the traumatized dog now

Shortly after the vile and disgusting dirty cop’s arrests, the civil servant K-9 unit dog was taken to an Animal shelter in Texas.

Sexually abused Animals, are more common than you think

Report any type of animal abuse. Are sexually abused dogs at the hands of humans rare?

No, it  may not be rare at all

some characteristics are seen more commonly than others, especially in certain circumstances. For instance, young animals tend to be abused more commonly than older animals, intact animals more than spayed or neutered animals, and male dogs more than female dogs.1

Dogs are more frequently sexually abused than cats.2 Pit bull–type breeds are more commonly abused than other breeds of dogs1 and are more commonly used in dogfighting. However, regardless of signalment, any animal is at risk.


In another case, a dog was so traumatized that the dog had to be euthanized.


713090cookie-checkMost Always a dog is a man’s best friend, dogs should never be Sexually Assaulted. Ever!

Most Always a dog is a man’s best friend, dogs should never be Sexually Assaulted. Ever!

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  2. Pason confirming her sexual abuse by her step-Dad on twitter
    Let’s get real my #mom made it where I can’t carry kids after her historicity, (I was being sexually abused by him) ex-step dad (& thankfully he’s dead now), started my period the very next month Yet my mom already allowed an MD put mesh in my lower abs so can’t carry full term .
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