Rob Black Not Arrested:

The Offices of Extreme Associates. Feds are Inside, Rob Blacks Pucker Factor is now equivalent to that of Saddam.

Rob Black Not Arrested:

Previous word that Rob was arrested is probably false. From what I hear the feds just went in and executed a warrant to confiscate computers, records, tapes and other such evidence. As of this writing it is my understanding that no charges have been filed, no doubt there are charges pending though.

Word is that even though Gene doesn’t officially work for Extreme he is still there all the time….anyone else smell a rat? Gene tried to play this off as some porn chick with a vendetta…That’s because Gene is a scumbag without equal, even if she is the the reason, she should be given a medal for doing what apparently nobody else in this biz has the balls to do and that is say enough is enough, I signed on to fuck not to be assualted.

I am all for free specch but I draw the line a freedom to assualt and battery.

Randy Writes:


You see this shit? Gene Ross isn’t reporting about Extreme being raided. Everyone else has it as their top story! But Gene……fuck no. The fucker is still a con-artist-piece-of-shit-mother-fucker. Gawd damn. Burns my ass that people still like the fuck when he and Black have hurt the industry more than a hellofa lot of people I know.

*grumble grumble*


Randy…Thanks for bringing up what I too was wondering but does it really come as a surprise to anyone that Mr. Ross is sorely lacking in the integrity department? He is on the same standard of integrity as that Minister of Propoganda for Saddam, fortuneatly most of my readers know and see Gene for what he is….a dirtbag.

Still More:

I sent an undercover operative over to Extremes offices, there was no evidence that anything was happening on the outside. He went up and knocked on the door and it was immediately opened by Rod Fontana, Extreme’s General Manager, who asked what he wanted. Rod had no intention of letting him in but did try to play it off as though nothing was happening. My operative noticed that the phone was ringing and going unanswered and that all he lights in the offices seemed to be off.. All of Extremes parking spaces were filled with non descript vehicles.

Latest on Extreme:

There are conflicting reports as to where the complaint stemmed from, some say Pittsburg others say Kentucky but there is no doubt that 20-30 Feds raided Extreme at about 9AM PDT this morning. The titles named in the Federal Warrant are:

Extreme Teen 24, Cocktails 2, Ass Clowns 3 and Forced Entry

Forced Entry as you may recall gained some notoriety when a mainstream TV show appeared on the set and left in disgust. I hope to have photos soon.

In other news for the first time in 2 years + the Name Extreme Associates has appeared in AVN…theres a small story on their website about the bust.


More on Extreme: from JimmyD


“I’m on the phone as I type. At this very moment (it’s now about 1300 hours, PST, on Tuesday, April 8, 2003) the offices of Extreme Associates are filled with approximately 30 Federal Officers. The officers have served a search warrant and, according to eyewitness reports, the Feds are tearing the place apart, confiscating computers, records, and product.

This information is from an inside source who was just released by the Feds after about 30 minutes of questioning. According to the source, the Feds showed up in old, beat-up, non-descript vehicles, served the warrant, detained everyone in the building, and began their search.

The source learned from the officers that the raid stems from a federal complaint lodged in the State of Kentucky and targets three Extreme titles.

JimmyD Claims he broke the story…sorry JimmyD I had it up at 11:48PDT BUt my hats off to ya cuz you got better info. I only knew they were getting popped.


I just got a tip from a reliable source that the FBI has come down on Extreme Associates and are, as we speak, raiding the offices. I do not know what the charges are or what they are after but it has long been rumored that Extreme may be laundering money. More as this develops.

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Rob Black Not Arrested:

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