Richard Writes:

Hey Mike,

It’s actually Dick Smothers JUNIOR…not Dick Smothers of the Smothers Brothers. Another child of a celebrity cashing in on Dad’s success. I wouldn’t call Dickie Junior a celebrity by any means.

But perhaps this will give rise to a new era of washed up celebrities moving to porn to resurrect their careers. Maybe a washed up porn director could do the series.

Insert Mike South is washed up joke here……J


Just kidding…


No you aren’t….OK so Im a bit sloppy…yer right it is Jr. God I love porn…and so should the government.It’s a jobs program for the otherwise unemployable.


Gene “Sellout” Ross Posts This on his site:

“Wankus alluded to Mike South [who was probably slithering under some keyboard] in the chatroom who seems to have problems with yours truly. Wankus couldn’t understand why.

Aside from the fact that I consider South your prototypical ambush artist who hides behind the smirking, safe distancing fortifications of e-mails, websites and chatrooms, I basically have no problem with him other than the time South wrote this legally slanderous [anonymous, of course] piece about a certain director in Adult Stars Magazine a couple of years ago. South was ratted out and the director confronted South on the floor of the AVN show in Vegas. South, who evidently has no stomach for face-to-face confrontations, denied, denied and denied. The triple-denial strategy, as espoused by Robert Morse in the Sixties film, Guide for the Married Man, generally works in cases of infidelity but did little to boost South’s reputation as any credible kind of pundit in this business.

First of all you wig wearing scumbag, allow me to enlighten you! I am easy to find, I attend all the shows and maintain a fairly high profile, you know where I live and you know my phone number. Second None of the scumbags at your ex wife has EVER confronted me, the one time I asked Rob and Lizard a question he practically ran from me. And finally you nor anyone else at Extreme ever had the fucking balls to confront me directly. Instead you went to Steve Seideman who told you to take it up with me…and you never did.

As to why I think you are lower than Regan Senter…you already know and if you don’t I can’t help the fact that you are too fucking stupid to figure it out, because I ain’t repeating it here.


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Richard Writes:

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