Rob Black Indicted!:

As I stood in AVN’s offices here in Porn Valley waiting to go to lunch, I got the news that The feds had indicted Rob Black and Lizzy Borden on 10 federal counts including obscenity, using the US Mail to distribute obscenity, using the internet to distribute obscenity, Conspiracy to distribute obscenity and others. There are some very interesting facts surrounding this and I will have lots more observations when I can do a proper update but I am about to go on XM Radio.

One thing that stood out is the feds apparent claim that using the internet to distribute obscenity is akin to using the US Postal service to do it. Another is that Tom Byron is named NOWHERE in the iundictment meaning that he never owned so much as one iota of extreme associates or the website.

The language is such that more charges may be pending and it apopears the Feds will seek to enact RICO, as well as potentially name more conspirators in the future. Currently Ontario Video is named in the indictment but not necessarily as a defendant. There is also wording that indicates there may be charges of money laundering as well.

By Monday I will have a full copy of the indictment here for you to read, I just don’t have the facilities to scan it here.

At 45 I Finally Got to Date the Homecoming Queen:

Took her to the “prom” even and we had a ball, the movie was good the party was great you will get all the details, along with photos later today.

Thanks out to Jesse Jane who is the prettiest yet the most down to earth girl I have ever had the pleasure of a date with. Thanks to Adella, Jewn and Sam for inviting me and treating me more like I write for People Magazine than, It’s been fun to meet all the people who read my site and all the people in the biz whom I have respected for years, Henri Pachard probably doesn’t know it but it humbles me to stand in his presence, he really is a legend and a helluva nice guy to boot…JimmyD, RobbyD, David Aaron Clark, Jacklyn Lick, Robert Lombard and my best friends Tim and Felicia Fox…and lots of others….its a real pleasure to meet you all, again or for the first time.

More Coming…..

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Rob Black Indicted!:

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