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Dirty Bob Writes

You said that: “The problem is that the industry attracts the very people who have the least business being in the industry.” Not necessarily. It can also depends on the

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Some Help From Dirty Bob and TVShooter

Dirty Bob Writes: Mike: Regarding Montcalm Publishing and your reader’s Nicole Graves layout:  I did the ghostwriting for Christi Lake’s monthly column for many years and never had a problem

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Dirty Bob Is Miffed:

Cuz I told Luke Ford that annointing Heidi Pike the Trophy girl for the XRCO Awards was “harebrained”. Luke apparently posted it in between his kissing Holly’s ass, kissing Suze’s

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Ebola Monkey Man Writes:

Steve Writes: That’s Cold Ebola Monkey Man Writes: Mike, Just read that interview. One thing came to mind. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.com That was great. Ebola Monkey Man And Dirty Bob Writes: Mistah

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Cookie Guy Answers Kernes:

Hi Mike, I just read Mark Kernes’ reply to my email to you, and here are my thoughts. I’ve always found Mr. Kernes’ prose to be corpulent; with a lot

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Women Drivers:

Leslie Strickland said she had nothing but good intentions when she loaded a badly hurt 6-foot alligator into the back seat of her Honda Accord and took it home last

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Tim Case sends this one my way:

Re: Upcoming Porn Invasion of Florida: Dear Goddess of the Universe, This weekend, Dirty Bob, Mike South, TimCase, and Felicia Fox are all leaving their humble domiciles and heading for

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