Women Drivers:

Leslie Strickland said she had nothing but good intentions when she loaded a badly hurt 6-foot alligator into the back seat of her Honda Accord and took it home last weekend in Port Charlotte, FL.
The 49-year-old woman had hit the animal with her car Friday night and went back hoping to rescue it. Instead, she crashed her car when the gator started to thrash in the back seat, got arrested and spent the night in jail.

I don’t know Leslie Strickland But I know one thing…She is one mean bitch. A six foot alligator is not like lifting a racoon up and putting it in your car, even if the gater wasn’t moving it’s HEAVY. Talk about alligator wrestling….


Dirty Bob Sends me a Picture of Tera’s new tits!

It appears her tattoo artist is a bit dyslexic though.

Speaking of (Tera, not dyslexia) the show formerly known as the Tera Show is hosting my best buddy in porn Fifi tonight, That’s Felicia Fox also on the ticket is JimmyD, should be entertaining. Watch it here by clicking the Live Feeds Link on the left.

Kernes Gets some responses:

From Wankus:

Attention Mark Kernes:

Please note that I didn’t address or direct anything to you specifically, nor do I wish to beyond this note. Mike South provided a link to a piece I wrote for Top Pro Talent, and HE included your name in the passage, probably because you two differ in opinion. Leave me out of your battles. I wrote an editorial piece that I felt was creative and showed another side to the conflict with Iraq. I honestly could give a rats ass what the fuck you think about the issues, since I’m sure my opinion is of a minority in the adult business anyway.

Rant and Rave about Mike, not me. I got no fight with you.


From Steve:

Yes 100 inspectors for a country the size of CA. Enjoy those crepes

Nicolae Ceausescu

All were given time to be nice guys. Care to argue the outcome. By the way, we acted in Bosnia without UN permission.
The inspectors aren’t there to find stuff. They are supposed to look over material Iraq is suppose to hand over which they are not doing.

Mark Kernes has a lot to say!:

Wankus (to whom you directed me) writes:

<< Do you recall our earlier conversation about diseases and people who spread them? Why is important for America to handle this maniac? Because we can, and we should. A disease like this needs to be stopped before it does hit home.>>

Wankus (and you, Mike) are welcome to go play Captain America in your own fiefdoms, but when you decide to start wars in my name — that is to say, in the name of the citizens of the United States — when no good reason for doing so exists, then I’m gonna protest.

Your “buddy” Neal Boortz writes:

<< Or maybe Mark Kernes will offer him safe harbor. After all he is really just an innocent fellow targeted by the evil George Bush so that George and his Oil Croonies can get richer. Good God that pathetic rhetoric, even for a Democrat.>>

I have made no statement nor even implied that Saddam Hussein is “an innocent fellow.” I agree that Saddam Hussein is a Very Bad Man. He certainly doesn’t sound like someone I’d want to invite to dinner, though I suspect he’d be better behaved at the table than some I know in this industry. And I certainly wouldn’t want to live in Iraq… or, actually, anywhere within a thousand mile radius of it.

But there are A LOT of Very Bad Men in the world — yes, including George Bush — and if you see it as this country’s mission to go around and throw every one of them (except Bush) out of power, you can count me (and several million other people) out of it. Remember, we’re talking about people who have NOT attacked us, and to many of whom we’ve sold the weaponry they’re currently using to suppress their own subjects.

(One of the signs I saw at last week’s protest march was: “Q: How do we know Iraq has weapons of mass destruction? Answer by Colin Powell: We saved the receipts.”)

I’m no cop… and nothing in the U.S. Constitution or the U.N. Charter gives us the legal or moral right to attempt to be such with any other sovereign country in the world.

Dictatorship per se isn’t a disease; it’s a bad political system. I see no reason to turn the United States into another bad political system which ignores and subverts its own Constitution — as the Bush administration is currently doing — in order to try to guarantee cheap(er) oil for the next few years.

Considering how little Bush & Co. care about the lives and liberties of American citizens, how can you possibly buy the idea that the purpose of this war (which will begin within the next four weeks) is to free Iraqi citizens from this ruthless dictatorship, bla-bla-bla? Yeah, Bush cares what happens to a bunch of desert dwellers who haven’t accept Jesus Christ as their one true savior!

Steve writes:

<< Yes, the chemical fairies came and took all the VX, mustard etc gas. Those 50,000 Kurds must have all just had heart attacks at the same time. And those 2 buildings must have just had structural failure at the same time.>>

Well, Steve, if you know where all this stuff is, by all means, send a fax to the U.N. They’ve got over 100 inspectors who’ve spent more than a month in Iraq looking for just such weaponry… and not finding any of it. Colin Powell also claims to have similar information… but due to “national security,” he just can’t bring himself to supply it to the people who need it the most: The inspectors. And at least some of the stuff he flashed to the U.N. last week has already been discredited, which makes ALL of it suspect.

But guess what? Until the inspectors DO find some of the stuff our government claims they have (that’s “have”, not “had”), it’s not up to the United States to launch a unilateral attack on a foreign country, no matter how badly you or Mike or Neal or Wankus or Mike are chaffing at the bit to do so.

If you guys are in that big of a rush to show everybody how big your dicks are, why not just fight among yourselves? Less international repercussions that way…


(P.S.: I’m seriously considering making this the LAST free fodder I supply for your website.)

Aw come on Mark the voice of dissent is welcome here and you get a widely read frorum to get your word out so don’t look at it as writing for me for free…look at it as me giving you free advertising space…Besides if all we had here was unilateral agreement it would get pretty boring.

And before y’all think I’m gonna beat up on old Kernes here, I am not. I actually have respect for the guy even though I disagree with him. Why? Simple. At least Kernesis out there doing something to put his money (and time) where is mouth is. He goes out and demonstarates and whether or not I agree with him that IS the American way!

Curious sends a few headstones from the Porn Career memorial Cemtery:

ChiliPimp is WRONG:

Dion does NOT own Platinum X Pictures, Wanker Wang is gone, at least for the time being so Chilipimp aka Anthony (Michael Keene) is back to writing that site, with a little help here and there from others. As you can see the site has taken a Nose Dive…Anthony sucks at that.



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