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Tera Show Review:

I like the people at Digital Playground, this however, does not absolve them from the responsibility for the really shitty quality of this show. This is an embarrassment to an

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Jack’s Playground 25

The return of Tera, apparently double penetrated (vaginally) I’m Guessing Nick Manning is jealous that it wasn’t him rubbing dicks with Evan Stone or whoever… anyway the Trailer is HERE

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What’s Up With TeraVision?

What’s with the deal they signed with Private? I thought Vivid was the exclusive distributor for Tera and Vivid has a Euro arm don’t they? Word on the street is

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On the Radio:

For those who are interested (And live in Atlanta) I was interviewed by WGST Radio a few weeks ago. excerpts from that interview will begin to air tomorrow morning at

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Have a Drink On Me:

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the passage of the 21st amendment repealing the 18th amendment, (known as the Volstead Act.) ie Today is the 70th anniversary of the end

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More on Tera/Vivid:

My sources tell me that this has been settled since Monday but that the people involved wanted to announce it through AVN, the leak last night was unexpected. My sources

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Jumping The Shark:

The phrase “jumping the shark” is a television term…when a series has gone on so long that the writers are completely out of ideas, they’ll do something stupid to maintain

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Wearing Out A Welcome.

The feature at a South Florida Club this week got settled in with her roadie, they ate and drank at the club and at the end of the first night,

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Ricky Takes Me to Task:

I usually endorse everything you say. But tonight, you’ve stepped over my line. And that’s hard to do. I know you and adella are secret lovers but jesus christ, tera’s

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It’s Totally Tera!

From topprotalent Word on the street says KSEXradio has been put on notice by Digital Playground attorney, Paul Cambria, “You are hereby placed on notice that Digital would consider the

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Heads Up!

It has come to my attention via several sources that Laurie Holmes is now doing work in porn. I have no problem with this per se but seeing that Laurie

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Island Fever 2 Trailer:

To See it for yourself click Here I just saw the trailer for Island Fever 2, Tera’s last footage shot for Digital Playground. The trailer shows Tera, Devon and Stormy

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Tera Signing a Hoax?:

I am hearing that Tera signing last week in Paramus NJ and NyNack NY, was a hoax. I called the nuber on the press release to see how it went,

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And in This Corner….

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ATTN: ADULT EDITORS AND WRITERS Porn Star Tera Patrick Makes First Public Appearance WEST NYACK, N.Y./EWORLDWIRE/March 4, 2003 — Porn Goddess Tera Patrick will appear in the

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Women Drivers:

Leslie Strickland said she had nothing but good intentions when she loaded a badly hurt 6-foot alligator into the back seat of her Honda Accord and took it home last

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The Tera Show now called DPTonight:

Tonights show has Luc Wylder and Alexandra Silk. I have inside information about this show now…Ya know how Tod Hunter NEVER misses this show…yep he is being bribed to attend.

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