Ricky Takes Me to Task:

I usually endorse everything you say. But tonight, you’ve stepped over my line. And that’s hard to do. I know you and adella are secret lovers but jesus christ, tera’s show was actually GOOD tonight. I listened about a dozen times at DP and it sucked. Because of her? No! Because of the shitty ass format of “Lets Make a Diva” that they do.

You recommend DEVON? Are you serious? Yes she’s hot. But she’s the kind of hot Jeff Dahmer would enjoy killing so her bitch ass would shut the fuck up for once.

Evan…I was on your side for a while,especially when I read his responses BUT he was awesome on air tonight. Very funny and a good compliment to her.

Bottom line…get on board with a winner. Ksex kicked DPs ass by standing behind Tera, then kicked MORE ass by bringing a very good show to the airwaves…much better then any show I’ve ever heard with DP.

Sean Michaels didn’t show up, ok fine. But a JKP girl did. Report that. That’s HUGE.

You call yourself a ksex fan but you turn so quickly AND without even hearing it.

BTW….her new tits? They don’t look FAKE at all. In fact, they look the same only slightly bigger. Still adorable and she was great. Just wanted to say my thoughts.

I don’t expect to read this on MikeSouth but I still will read the site.


Dude, I didn’t and wouldn’t say it sucked…I didn’t hear it so I dunno. I would agree that it couldn’t be much worse than her past one.

But hey If I kiss Tera’s ass how disingenuous would that be? Besides I ain’t taking sides in this I just speak whatevefr is on my mind at a given moment and honstly I’d be really worried if all of y’all always agreed with me. The JKP girl showing up IS big news…yer right there…JKP girls almost always flake but then this one really doesn’t. Alexis is pretty responsible.

I don’t like fake tits and I LOVE it when people disagree with me so yer email is here intact! I always invite constructive criticism.

And Wankus knows I love his big dumb bald ass….

Thanks for writing man…seriously…without y’all I’d be even more boring.

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Ricky Takes Me to Task:

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