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A New Record Has Been Set:

The most hate mail ever came as a result of the Steve Irwin Story, I swear I could have killed a porn chick on screen and not gotten as much

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Tom Writes:

South, You are so full of shit. Debbie Matenopoulos is a stone fox, and I bet her friends are stone foxes too. You are a fucking troll and Debbie wouldn’t

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Porn chick Needed in Canada:

Toronto Entertainment Industry Party hosted Secret Venues Inc. seeks a high-profile female porn star to join Mike South as our special guests! Venue date: July 22 8PM (Toronto, Canada) Airfare

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Ricky Takes Me to Task:

I usually endorse everything you say. But tonight, you’ve stepped over my line. And that’s hard to do. I know you and adella are secret lovers but jesus christ, tera’s

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