Chilipimp has this to say over on his site

Chilipimp retorts: There you go Mook, I credited your site. You happy? There are a couple of reasons I don’t like to credit your site. Number one, your paysite is worthless.A bunch of bullshit pictures of your ugly ass hanging out with porn girls at conventions like you’re some stud?

Aww what’s the matter punk boy? ya jealous? sure sounds like it that’s OK though I’m having fun.

“Number two, the quote lukeford put up from your site a couple of weeks ago … “Extreme seems to be pretty much self destructing, the loss of Wanker Wang as webmester is putting the hurt on the only profitable thing they had going. The recent XRCO Awards brought about typical extreme Hyjinks and they got a cold shoulder from everyone in the biz, even Gene Ross acted like he didn’t want to be assiciated with them I hear.” … was actually sent in through e-mail by a reader, Mook.”

Hey not only are you a bitch you are a dumb bitch, I guess you steal so much from here you don’t remember cutting and pasting the Jonathon Davis quote.

Oh, I forgot, the quote I suppose is from Number three, I refuse to put up your self-lauding quote, “Check Out My Site! It’s the biggest and best all amateur site on the net.”

Ya I know makes that piece of shit site you run look awful bad by comparison huh? It’s OK though it’s all good. Look forward to meeting you in Miami, Chilipimp, Anthony, whatever yer name is.

Here’s a few pics of a quality you only WISH you could achieve. Don’t hate me cuz I’m good Chilipimp!

2660cookie-checkChilipimp has this to say over on his site

Chilipimp has this to say over on his site

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