ChiliPimp, in need of some PR, sends me this:

Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 11:37:44 -0800
From: Michael Keene <[email protected]>
Subject: HA HA HA
To: <[email protected]>
Organization: Formula
X-Mailer: GoldMine [5.00.402]
Wannabe? Now I know why Rob Black urinated all over you at that show. Mike, I get more initials in a day than you do in a month. Pretty sad considering how long you’ve been around…
Have a great day.

Lemme pull your coat one more time, trick baby. If Rob Black had attempted that shit he would never eat solid food again, Rob is nothing but a loud mouth pussy who hides out 3000 miles away but his day will come. As for you ChiliPimp, wake up punk, you aint nothing but the trick, believe it.

1700cookie-checkChiliPimp, in need of some PR, sends me this:

ChiliPimp, in need of some PR, sends me this:

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