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It has come to my attention via several sources that Laurie Holmes is now doing work in porn. I have no problem with this per se but seeing that Laurie is the widow of HIV Positive John Holmes and the current wife of HIV Positive Tony Montana, I’d want to see more than just a PCR/DNA test on her. The reason why is her current husband Tony Montana would no doubt test clean on the PCR/DNA test as would Tricia Devereaux, John Stagliano, and Mark Wallice. NONE of them would pass the ELISA test.

Wallice had no qualms about faking an HIV test so you can bet he’d have no qualms about doing a first person POV website under a different name with a clean test….

Y’all mark my words…at some point an HIV positive guy is going to enter this business…get a clean PCR/DNA test and go to work, if it hasn’t happened already.

I Hear That Tera Patrick and Hubby Evan Seinfeld are Going to Have a Show on KSEX:

The High/Low on the C&D from Paul Cambria…72 Hours. Personally if I were KSEX I wouldn’t give these two nitwits air time if they paid for it but KSEX does have experience dealing with flakes so this should be interesting.

Rumors that Chessie Moore Kidnapped Bubba are NOT True:

Rumors were flying that Fifi’s dog Bubba wasn’t missing at all but had been kidnapped by Chessie Moore and forced to star in K-9 Vids with Chessie are not true. I spoke with Bubba last night and he assured me that he would only consider working with A-List talent or maybe one or two of JKP Contract girls. On the JKP issue he did say that he would demand to be paid up front and in cash. One Vivid Girl did comment that given the choice between me, Randy West, Ron Jeremy or Ed Powers she’d have to choose Bubba hands down.

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