The Tera Show now called DPTonight:

Tonights show has Luc Wylder and Alexandra Silk.

I have inside information about this show now…Ya know how Tod Hunter NEVER misses this show…yep he is being bribed to attend. Seems A-Dell always makes homemade cookies and distributes them to the audience. No word on if they are, ummmm, enhanced for your viewing pleasure….

The Forums now have 100 Members….Are you one of them? If not check it out…It’s free:

And if yer in the biz theres specialt forums just for you! Click the forums link to the left.

Steve Austin In Traction?:

Seems Steve Austin over at World Modeling is in a full neck brace, he won’t say what happened to him but my money is he tried to get some porn chick to do a BJ scene with him for Extreme in exchange for work and she gave his bitch ass a well deserved neck wringing.

7320cookie-checkThe Tera Show now called DPTonight:

The Tera Show now called DPTonight:

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