Guess Who is Getting a Boob Job on Monday!:

Tera Patrick, that’s who!

Evan’s Princess:

Tera now sports a tattoo on her ankle proclaiming her to be Evan’s Princess. I wounder if he has one on his ass that says Tera’s Bitch.


OK … it’s a real tear jerker. Jessica Santillan goes into a hospital for an organ transplant. Someone at the hospital screws up, and she almost dies. Then another transplant is done .. and now she’s clinging to life.

Did you know that Jessica is an illegal alien? Did you know that some hospitals are closing down because they can’t afford the cost of providing medical care to illegal aliens? But cost is only part of the picture. Jessica Santillan has now used two hearts and a couple of lungs. Since the date of her first operation about 100 U.S. citizens have died waiting for a life-saving transplant operation. How would you feel, for instance, if you were married to an honest-to-goodness tax-paying U.S. Citizen who has worked and paid taxes in this country since he graduated from high school … and now he needs a heart transplant. But the one that might have gone to him went, instead, to an illegal alien?

I have a problem with this. Do you?

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Guess Who is Getting a Boob Job on Monday!:

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