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Today marks the 70th anniversary of the passage of the 21st amendment repealing the 18th amendment, (known as the Volstead Act.)

ie Today is the 70th anniversary of the end of prohibition….now go over to Quasarman’s house and get drunk to celebrate.

Sean Michaels Joins Our Team:

Sean has signed a deal with Las Vegas Novelties. I want to take this opportunity to welcome Sean to the Cove….ummmm fold. Sean is a class act and I guy I have always had a lot of respect for. Congrats to Sean and to Steve and Serenity for signing him. Makes me proud!

WORD to AVN. Sean is not the third male on the LVNI Roster, I am, Sean is the fourth. I know I don’t live under your collective noses in Porn Valley and I know that your sphere of interest doesn’t much spread beyond Porn Valley BUT mikesouth.com reaches well into Porn Valley and if you don’t want yer knuckles slapped here ya better get it right.

Green Lantern Writes In:

Mike, I agree with you on how Evan S. is a leech & I’m avoiding watching Tera’s Vivid scenes with him. I didn’t even go by the Foxy Lady when Tera was in town to check out her show. I also agree that AVN’s forgiving Rob Black but not the performers who either did or did not work for him is just another case of Fishbein being the biased publisher that he is. Why is it that all the award nominations & awards go to the contract girls? Why can’t the girls who are independent (like your friend Felicia Fox or my friend Leeanna Heart) get a fair shake based on the performance on screen & not the company they did or didn’t shoot for? Because Fishbein was never taught the meaning of fair and impartial. Well, in 2006, someone becomes eligible for AVN’s Hall of Fame & I believe she’s owed some award or thank you from this industry. Here’s hoping she gets it, FINALLY!


Well Fish is NOT the end all in AVN nominations…its a fairly democratic process not a lot different than when your state legislature meets to pass a budget. While I believe the nominations are inherently fair (Fifi did get a nom) you have to remember that it is the AVN staffers who nominate, and as such they are more inclined to nominate from within the pool of stuff they see the most…after all it does pay the bills. I can’t complain that I didn’t get nominated because Hollywood never sent my titles to AVN to be reviewed and I didn’t follow up myself. I take pride in knowing that what I do is excellent by MY standards, which are way more stringent than AVNs….reference Ed Powers nominations.

Now as to Leanna Heart being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2006, I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. Few people IN porn remember her much less those outside.

Den Over at CAVR.com Has an Observation:

Mike, check out the Vivid Website – The Vivid Stars

Sunrise Adams
Savana Samson
Briana Banks
Kira Kener
Cassidey *
Taylor Hayes *
Janine *
Tia Bella *
Chasey Lain *

No Tera and No Jenna listed?
I thought the * were retired?
I thought Devon was with Digital Playground?


I Think they need to update that site….Devon has benn gone for what? 2 Years or more?

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