Tera Signing a Hoax?:

I am hearing that Tera signing last week in Paramus NJ and NyNack NY, was a hoax. I called the nuber on the press release to see how it went, the guy said he didn’t know, he wasn’t there. The PR firm they used “eworldwide” is nothing but a site that will write a press release for you. The guy I spoke with didn’t know who Evan Seinfeld was…I posted the question to the popular rec.arts.movies.erotica newsgroup, no one there knew anything about it. Smells like a hoax to me. Word to Tera and Evan, sorry guys but thankfully your collective 30 minutes are over.

Man Drowns While Cutting the Grass:

FORT MYERS, Fla. — A man on a riding lawn mower drowned after he drove too close to the slanted edge of a lake and rolled into the water.

Poinciano Rodriguez, who was unable to swim, died Monday.

Just Damn…..

Is there Something in the Water in Florida?:

SARASOTA COUNTY — As Darby Larkin walked up to the pickup on the shoulder of State Road 72, the man inside flailed around the front seat and slapped at the windshield and windows.

“Are you choking?” the Sarasota woman yelled. “Are you choking?”

The man opened the door, then fell face first on the truck’s seat.

Seconds later, Larkin, 38, performed the Heimlich maneuver on the man and a big macadamia nut popped out of his mouth. He hugged and thanked his “angel” for 20 minutes. Larkin says she felt like the “citizen of the year.”

That feeling is gone. This week, Larkin discovered that she’s one of many women who have “saved” the man. First encountered in January in Charlotte County, he has also “choked” on dry bread and celery, and always when a woman is available to help.

Already, Mark Kulkis at Kick Ass Pictures is now planning his next specialty series, along with “Specs Appeal” and whatever his smoking and foot fetish lines are called, no word on the title yet…to bad Gag Factor is taken. Maybe Heimlich Honeys…

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Tera Signing a Hoax?:

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